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  1. I did this last week elsewhere, I think it was 63, some Shakespeare but not The Bible. A bit ashamed about the Dan Brown, but I needed to see why so many people liked it! I'm still not sure of the answer.
  2. Wow, caught up with this last night, nothing looks certain anymore, great tension!
  3. I always loved listening to Tony Ben, even if I didn't totally agree with some of his opinions. He was a rare gentleman.
  4. I have finally finished listening to TGN. It was very dull indeed! If this had been a hard copy I would never have reached the end. I really don't like books where characters who lead totally inconsequential lives spend most of the book navel gazing and dispirited. If it had been a short book that might have helped, but the constant repetition and oozing boredom has me wanting to stop the car and go for a walk and a breath of fresh air on numerous occasions. No more Lessing for me I'm afraid!
  5. Having read Mrs Dalloway I have no wish to read any more Woolf. I also love Joyce's work particularly Ulysses but I'm not even contemplating FW! Interesting list though.
  6. Just finished the first in the series, Bad Debts. Between the race course, politicians and police corruption quite a lot going on. I'm looking forward to finding out what Temple has in store for Jack Irish, an interesting if quite maverick lawyer who seems to operate very near the edge most of the time.
  7. I'm feeling the same as momac with this one. At the moment I'm not doing a lot of cookbook cooking.Trying to eat simply to maintain my fitness. The kitchen is a danger zone! Although once it gets a bit warmer I will resume making my usual sourdough bread which will be safely frozen and only taken out as needed. I may be up for some interesting fiction though. Grasshopper,s suggestion sounds interesting, an insight into bizarre French mannerisms!
  8. Listening to Frank Delaney's podcast on Ulysses while browsing the net!
  9. Yes, I think this is harder that we realised. Most of my favourites are probably well out of print as well, or too expensive to acquire for a book group read.
  10. I loved The Third Policeman, but I did read it when much younger!
  11. Thank you MrHG and Binker, you are two of a kind!
  12. Thanks for that Ting, I knew it was put forward but one of the characters, I think the husband/partner didn't seem to think it possible? The animation is very positive in that respect.
  13. Thanks Ting! Do you know if what you see in the animation relate to the timeline in the book, I can't remember the details now?
  14. I'm maybe just over half way through and sometimes finding the going tough and other times ok. It is all rather depressing and downbeat but I can see how it would have made very interesting reading when it was first published (1962). As I'm listening on audio, I will persevere to the end, the narration is very good. It is almost an endurance test for me but I will be glad to have read it as it sheds light on the feminist issues of my childhood, of which at the time I was completely oblivious.
  15. That's how I felt in one of my posts a few days ago. David had made a very apt and David-like comment on one of the characters, I just had to quote him, although a first it felt a little strange, then I thought no, David was part of this conversation and is was quite right to include him. And I will go on wondering what he would have thought of various topics, even though he is no longer among us. Thank you Hazel for your thoughtful post about David.
  16. Yes, I agree Binker, I like Holmes as well, but impossible to compare.
  17. A wonderful pairing indeed. But what now? I opened this thread and read David's comments about Saga which I thoroughly agree with. How true! There was no other way for her to go. What does this mean for Martin now? Also reminds me of the antithesis in the French series The Spiral where anything could be fixed!
  18. I just found a copy of this today in the charity shop. I have read some others, not really in sequence, as I wasn't sure I would like them. How wrong could I have been! I finished Phantom last night and I will be trying to fill in the gaps from now on. As I have got that far it probably won't matter which order I read them in, it will just be a relief to know that there's a possibility of his survival! ;-)
  19. Goodbye David, so sorry you have left us. My heartfelt sympathy David's family and friends. I was truly reluctant to open BGO for the last few days, somehow I knew there was sad news. All the beautiful tributes have brought tears to my eyes as they have done to others. I am sure we will all keep David in our hearts and if we keep his wisdom too then his memory will live on.
  20. Heart stopping to see that Gene Wilder profile photo again!
  21. Just finished reading this a few days ago and totally agree, a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable read. Indeed remarkable that it was written by a sixteen year old. I think I did empathise with Sybylla, in her youthfulness and frustration with life. She was a strong headed young woman who knew there was more to life that the pitiful lot of her mother or indeed other women of her acquaintance. She knew what she didn't want but don't have the support or wherewithal to find her way. It is telling that Miles Franklin withdrew publication of this book until after her death. My guess is that it was too near reality for comfort. I would love to know her reasons, but I'm not sure she made them public.
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