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  1. does anyone want to hear my rap-metal song about j.k. rowling? If so message me and I will send you the myspace link. Also have a song about Bukowski and L.P. Hartley.
  2. Whenever someone over the age of 16 says "oh you really must read them!" I tell them I'll get round to it as soon as I am finished with the Mr Men books.
  3. I have a number of fiction celebrations avaible through my ebay store. Message me if you are interested.
  4. My vote is for peter biskind. Any thoughts?
  5. I remember when this came out I won a signed 1st edition of this and all of nick hornby's other books plus a "I am good t-shirt" in an amazon competition. The books have long since been sold on ebay, I liked high fidelity quite a lot and even Fever Pitch (despite hating football). The best way to describe how to be good is "ok". There is nothing dreadfully offensive about it but it is the sort of book that is forgotten before you are even finished the last chapter. http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/mcsloyc
  6. Oh the media will eat it alive.
  7. I will subscribe after pay day when I am a little more flush.
  8. Surely if the children posting here are well-read they will have been exposed to worse? That phrase is the sort of thing you would find in a judy blume book. I will be more careful in future though.
  9. It's not that offensive in the scheme of thing really Gary Glitter is leading a young child into a creepy looking woods on a dark and stormy NIGHT. "I don't won't to go in" says the child "I'm frightened!" "How do you think I feel" replies Gary "I've got to walk out of here all on my own"
  10. Did you hear that Falklands survivor Simon Weston had won the pools? Littlewoods wouldn't let him claim though... he'd burnt his coupon. permision to tell my Gary Glitter joke please, or is it too soon?
  11. Is that your' idea of contemporary? Have you heard of that new fellow Mark Twain? He wrote his latest novel Tom Sawyer on a contraption called a typewriter. It'll never catch on.
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