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  1. Hey everyone! I'm an English Literature student and right now I have to write an essay comparing Sonnet 27 with Sonnet 130. So far, I've got two major differences, and one similarity (that they are both parodies). But I need another similarity please. The only thing I can come up with is the really obvious ones, which aren't what my tutor wants. (I'm thinking about iambic pentameter, sonnet structure, and that they're love poems). I also read somewhere (outside of college stuff) that the first so many sonnets (including 27) were addressed to a man. Outside of those points, I'd ju
  2. I'd still definately recommend it though - for sheer originality and imagiantion. It's about a couple of Tribes that live in the Carpet, and have to deal with a vicious natural phenomonan called Fray. mj
  3. I've just finished this... I'm SO disappointed with the ending. (Is this post meant to go here or somewhere else? *confused newbie*) Anyway - I'd like to discuss the ending, but not ruin it for others who haven't read it yet...
  4. I've given up on Children of Hurin - back on to my beloved Pratchett now!! I see ehat you mean about the editing thing with his son... Better to let sleeping dogs lie, ay?! How did he imagine that scraps were ever going to match up to his father's full works, I wonder... And it makes them seem even worse when you look at how good the Baggins books were. I found a good site (I think) for LOTR fans... But I would be wary of it as my Firewall has blocked it... Maybe it was a one-off and if I try to reregister it will work... Hmmm... http://www.lotrplaza.com mj x x x x
  5. Well, like I said previously, I love The Hobbit and LOTR, also Roverandom, but I've got about halfway through The Silmarillion and Children of Hurin, and they just dont intrigue me at all. The characters are so bland and Tolkien's writing style has slipped very badly here. Im on Chapter Nine of Children of Hurin, but I am so bored I want to give up now. Is the ending any better? Im just at the bit where the dwarf Mim makes a deal with the Orcs but it backfires and Turin (most annoying character EVER!!) gets taken to Angband. But what is the POINT of this story? Where does it go? And what i
  6. Nice to see the array of different views on this subject!! Live and let live, I say!! mj x x x x x x x x
  7. Oh Gosh, thank you!! That's helped a LOT! hugs mj x x x x p.s - so, read the prequels after the actual series?
  8. Well i have copies of Carrie, Pet Semetary, Misery, From A Buick8, The Stand, Desperation, Black House, Cell, Insomnia and Needful Things. I've started and given up on The Stand, From A Buick8 and Desperation. But I do really want to read them all, and would like to get back into King, so which do you recommend i start with?
  9. Hey, I am a massive fan of Grace Dent's Diary of a Chav series. Yes, they are so NOT my usual thing, but i found them REALLY laugh-out-load funny. You start with : 1) Trainers v Tiaras 2) Slinging The Bling 3) Too Cool For School 4) Ibiza Diaries 5 Real Diaries (out soon) Definately recommended for anyone (you don't have to be a teen!) who needs a light, easy, quick, HILARIOUS read!!!! Even if you're like me and a DIE-HARD fantasy fan (Terry Pratchett woohoo!) - i can assure you, you will love them! And for me to say they're funny is really saying a lot as i really DO
  10. Why the loss of interest? If you dont mind me asking... mj x x x x
  11. Can i just add that there are some other Terry (*swoons*) books: Strata is set BEFORE the Discworld series'. Although it's not actually part of them. And there is a third Tiffany book called Wintersmith. And Terry's first novel is a stand-alone younger reader fiction called Carpet People. Then there's the Johnny Maxwell trilogy and of course the Bromeliad trilogy. Has anyone else heard about our beloved Terry's pre-Alzheimers diagnosis? He says he wants to fit a few more books in before... *cries* mj x x x x
  12. Has anyone read this? Does anyone think there should be a sequel? I think Leigh is an amazing character, but why oh why, didi they have to spilt up at the end?!!!! Oh and can anyone recommend some King novels for a massive fan of Christine, who has only managed to get halfway through other King novles? mj x x x x
  13. Hey guys! Has anyone read The Wee Free Men Trilogy by the Pratchett God? I'm a HUGE fan! I think this trilogy is HILARIOUS and I love the whole idea behind it. It's SO original. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan I love you Terry!!! Fantasy fan, mj x x x x
  14. Ok, so I just received the first copy of the Tamuli through the post (yay!) but I know I need to read the Elenium first and I plan on buying them all in one volume (hopefully from the Oxfam website!). I have all the Dreamers too. What other books has he written? I've heard tons about the Bel - sumthing and Mallereon (? - sorry!)... But are they separate series' to the others? And what else has he writeen? I'm confused! Help me out here guys! Your new fantasy loving forum member, mj x x x x
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