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    I want to be a writer when I grow up and I'm not just saying that!
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    U.K. Scotland
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    Playing on the computer, badminton and chess
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    I googled it

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  1. Can you please review these books for me please? The seventh tower the fall The dangerous days of daniel.x Skulduggery pleasent playing with fire Thank you!
  2. That sounds really funny! That must be very goodfor under 6's probibly!
  3. I'm reading hox, I'm not far into it and so far its this boy what is something to do with cats, somehow its like hes turning into one but I'm not completely sure if thats true.
  4. What is your best kids book you've ever read? Mines is probibly Scorpia or point blanc by anthony Horrowitz
  5. I LOVE they books, I'd recommend them because there so fun and action packed, I have read point blanc the second one and another. I can't remember which one it was but it was when this crazy man is trying to kill alot of people just to stop drugs. Hes got big bombs what he could of exploded but alex rider just in the nick of time stopped him.
  6. I haven't read either one of them yet, I only got the first one and haven't started. Is it really that good?
  7. That book sounds really funny! I'm going to ask the library if they have it after I finish Hox.
  8. I've just read this book and its awesome! Its about this boy who has a boring life looking after his pet pig and all that, but next door is the most magnificint computer in the universe! Have you read it yet? The rest is secret, if you want to read more you'll have to do it somewhere cause I'm not telling!
  9. Hi and I'm new! I'm Scott and I like reading and writing. I'm 11 years old and I hope I have lots of fun here, sorry if this shouldn't be on this bit.
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