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  1. Book 3 is very good. The sympathy starts to come in there.
  2. Obviously I buy them for their content, but they are still a rip-off. I tend to haunt the library At least classics are cheap. Anyhows, you can tell a lot about people from what books are on their shelf
  3. Books are such a rip-off these days. I buy ones that look good on my shelf, and ones that I like to refer to.
  4. SPOILER FOR BREAKING DAWN: Edward basically behaves like a drug addict, and not in a good way. He just acts like someone out of an emo band, which is probably the point. And it was kind of off-putting the way Meyer is blatantly in love with him. New Moon was okay because it was completely melodramatic and Edward was a bit more standable but it's all ridiculous. We all know he won't bite her- he just munches on deer.
  5. They're very well-written. This is Young Adult Fiction at its best. I've got Eye for An Eye. It's very short and is a separate story from Knife Edge- well, it's set just before Knife Edge, I think. Jude comes round to Sephy's flat, and I think the story switches just with their point of view.
  6. Oh, it's not complex. It's just preaching morals, which are stupid. And I didn't believe Edward was a vampire for one second. He just seems like a weird human.
  7. Looks like something an old woman would have on their shelves...
  8. Yes, but I mean without editing or honing it at all. Some of her poetry makes you feel as if you're watching her stabbing in the dark, metaphorically- and not in a good way.
  9. I pick up loads of things on a whim at the library.
  10. 'Do you feel superior due to reading?' Honestly, yes. I don't mean that I think I am a better person and that everyone else is a mere sheep, but I feel privileged that I can converse with intelligent people and not be proud of my ignorance or ashamed at the fact that I read more than some people.
  11. I did say 'on the whole' not 'every poem that rhymes'. Anyhow that rhyming poem would be better than a poem on the same topic that didn't rhyme, me thinks. At least it was mildly amusing. 'If poetry could tell it backwards' is such a stupid pretentious way of saying 'If poetry could undo it all.' I really like how Duffy has decided to speak for the whole of poetry, and all the soldiers, and is suddenly now judge of all... And Shakespeare understood rhythm and how to employ language. Trite 'the cat sat on the mat' rhymes are no help to anyone but if you tie yourself to rhythm and/or rhy
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