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  1. Sounds interesting. Are you the author? Given the title I'm guessing the book is very much on the male perspective of race? I've been enjoying Gina Yashere's perspectives on race related issues 😀 (Although I'm guessing perhaps the perspective is a little less spiritual than yours)
  2. Thank you MisterHobgoblin. Probably won't have time to post much, just having a few days off work, but deffo want to try and get back to more reading for pleasure
  3. This was definitely the dullest book I read last year, so god knows what made me watch the recent tv series of it. That was equally dull although, at the risk of sounding like some old perv, it was quite refreshing to see full frontal male nudity on the telly.😀
  4. I really enjoyed this book an uplifting exploration of the art of the possible. It's full of youthful naivety and idealism in the most positive and persuasive way. If you want some of the guff you're exposed to at Uni debunked this is the book for you. Thought provoking and entertaining in equal measure. Will definitely look out for other books by this author in the future. The book centres on the fact that the world is a much kinder place than we're often led to believe, is scathing of modern news and social media and modern political systems. It's time nice, ordinary folk took back control.
  5. I've just logged onto this site for the first time in well over a year and can't believe the news about David and find myself in tears and somewhat shocked by that fact. It is of course by now old news for you guys although still keenly felt I'm sure. My condolences to all,particularly Hazel. I wish I could think of the right words, but what could I add that hasn't already been said so eloquently. The world has lost a true gentleman
  6. All the best from me too. Hope you have a great day!
  7. I did that quiz this morning 7/10 -so I done good eh
  8. Oh but he is popular Luna - and living in a $10million house on the proceeds of his popularity I read this the other day in the Telegraph - very funny
  9. What a great idea Grammath. Any creative endeavour's got to be more fun than trawling the shops. You're making memories as well as symbolic but ultimately inanimate objects - cool.
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