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  1. has anyone read the books about the diamond brothers,if you havnt,they are a mix of crime,action and comedy,they are about nick and tim diamond,tim is nicks older brother and a private detective,but hes also VERY stupid,so nick(whos 14) ends up doing most of the work,this seiries is so funny.. all the titles take the p*** out of another title of a book/film The Falcons Malteasers Takes the p*** out of The Maltease Falcon Public Enemy Number Two-Public Enemy Number One South By South East-North By North West The French Confection-The French Connection The Blurred Man-The Third Man I Know What You Did Last Wednesday-I Know What You Did Last Haloween(i have no idea how the title relates to the book ;S) The Greek Who Stole Christmas-The Grinch Who Stole Christmas The Radius Of The Lost Shark-The Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  2. im not into horror,i just read alot,darrenn shan is one of my favorate authors and after trying out his 'saga of darren shan' i vowed to read every book by him,i think i have...
  3. anyone read this seiries?The Gift,The Riddle,The Crow,and coming in july,The Singing i love this seiries and have right now got my nose stuck in 'The Crow',At the bit where Hem and the others escape though the caves from turbansk i suggest these seiries to everyone i was also immensly intrested in the last part of the riddle 'Arkan Da',with Maerad and Arkan,im intrested in the bit where maerad confesses her love of arkan to cadvan despite what arkan had done to her
  4. hey guys,im new anyway,authors that i like... Alison Croggon Darren Shan(hes published a book under the name D.B shan though) Christopher Paolini Tom Becker Garth Nix Anthony Horowitz Julia Golding Katherine Roberts Eoin Colfer Herbie Brennan(well,only his fearie wars seiries) Michelle Paver Trudi Canavan those are my favorates anyone read any alison croggon? im reading her pellinor books at the moment
  5. you enjoyed eragon and eldest?i loved them!i cannot wait for brisingr to come out,but the site says it comes out in more then 120 days... i am reading 'the crow' by alison croggon,its part of the 'pellinor' seiries,i love all the three books(the gift,the riddle and the crow) and am waiting for the singing to come out i found the last part of the riddle very intresting,with mearad and arkan,im also intrested in the bit when maerad admits that she loves arkan despite what hes done to her
  6. All of darren shans books are horror,they are all great but not completly scary second post...
  7. when i was younger i read Lord Loss (darren shan) and got rather scared by the gory scene in which the protagonist sees his family being gored by demons... altho the most disturbing scene is probably in 'Prosession of the Dead'(also darren shan) when the protagonist finds out that he enjoys killing innocent people,i find it hard to belive someone would think like that
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