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  1. The album I bought is " pretty odd " by panic at the disco
  2. panic at the disco - nine in the afternoon
  3. Iv'e read a few pages of a Charlie higson book.
  4. yeah, I have quite few games consoles. But I think my wii is the best!
  5. yeah, just as flingo said, the more recent books are quite violent, but the recent ones do have a warning on the back, saying "not suitable for younger readers" so I think that might have stopped parents buying them those books, for there younger children. also maybe some parent think that, James choke (the main character), is a bad influence?
  6. Great, I have PMed David, but I'm still quite new, so I need to wait a bit.
  7. Okay, sorry i will edit it now.
  8. Yes, thats the one i mean, but i couldn't remember the author.
  9. I like the one. Called " a Christmas carol " I just thought it was nice
  10. This is not the horror one, it is a nice picture book. This is a book that you read when its the night before Christmas, it explains to you about how Santa comes in, and it has pictures and poetry. This is really for younger children, but i think its great.
  11. I think dickens, is a great author and he has produced some great novels as well. I would say he's one of my favourite authors.
  12. Cool, i must actually get it, thank you for telling me.
  13. Hello, i am deeds. I like lots of different books, but my favourite book is CHERUB
  14. Alex rider is a great book series, i strongly recommend it to younger and older readers, they involve a funny sense of humor, and also quite a good action spirit, there books are written by the author "Anthony Horowitz", He is a fantastic author, he has also written lots of other books and series. The average amount of pages in his books are probaly 211 - 251, but some of his new ones have more pages. Alex rider is a school boy that suddenly becomes a spy, For one funny reason, he doesn't want to be one, but Mi6 force him too, so far he has Seven Alex rider novels If you are going to read them, i recommend that you start from the first book, because if you started from the second book, you wouldn't understand what is happening. The first alex rider novel has been shown in cinema's, it goes by the name. "Storm breaker" If you like the sound of it, : buy it here
  15. It is a great independent book, as you might of realized, there are three books in one, all of these books are great, they are very funny, and for older readers and younger, i definitely recommend them! In these books there is different characters, based on different appearances and sense of humor. One character that is called "Tim Diamond" is one of the main characters, he is very dumb, but funny in the same way, this character is in his late 20's. for a job, tim works as a private detective, but obviously, he is the worst. His brother is Another character, who is called "nick diamond" he is the clever one, when tim is in trouble, he intends to sort him out
  16. I have not read this, although by what you have written I'm sure its actually very good, I also really want to see the film, but I'm not sure if its in cinema's anymore!
  17. I have only read this book once, although i throughly enjoyed it, I thought it was very well written, and it really described things well.
  18. The CHERUB series is a great series of books, they provide book for younger children about the age of 11 and older, but they are not recommended for very young children, they are great books, and you get stuck into them really easy, I read the whole series in about 4 weeks, you just can't put them down. The main character called "James choke" starts off to be an 11 year old boy, but then his live seems to get out of control. his sister "lauren choke" isn't the same, although they both share the same advantage, being really good at maths. Lauren never gets into trouble, but James does. James ends up getting in trouble really bad, he comes home to see that the cy has became worse.
  19. I am reading at the moment. Mad dogs, it is in the cherub series, and the writer is. Robert Muchamore.
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