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    I am called Megan and I want to be a writer
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    Writing, reading, watching tv and playing chess
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    Friend told me

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  1. I still thought Man and Wife was great, It was no man and boy but it was still great
  2. I can't believe you hate Man and Boy, I thought it was brilliant, but you are entitled to your opinion
  3. I have the huge Seinfeld boxset and found that it was a good filler for a weekend, very funny indeed
  4. The Matrix Lord of the rings ET Gone with the wind the sound of music
  5. You've never seen Frasier or Seinfeld...oh god, blood dripping from ears! This isn't strictly TV but I've never seen Lord of the rings and have no intention to...I hate the hype
  6. Mwa ha ha, I keep him in a box under my bed...seriously though he posted on a forum that I post on and left his email address and i contacted him...he is so funny
  7. I got another reply. he is truly the best ever! I am so psyched
  8. I'm Meg, 15 from the Portsmouth area. My favourite writer is probably Joe Keenan but also P.G Wodehouse. my fvaourite tv show is Frasier as some may already now, favourite band is green Day and favourite actor is David Hyde Pierce and favourite actress is Kirstie Alley but i admire the hell out of Jane Leeves for following her dream. I also write lyrics and also am currently writing a sitcom with my friend Michelle Love languages and have now taken to correcting grammar and shouting at thoe who spell it grammer I'm odd, get used to it
  9. Hope it went well Fiona. I have just finished my mock exmas and now have a shiny day off
  10. What's everyone upto? At the moment I'm listening to my playlist with all the songs that could make a teary girl like me cry: This includes: With or without you-U2 I don't wanna miss a thing-Aerosmith (can't get through this song without a tear)
  11. The sequel is called 'Putting on the Ritz' and involves Philip and Gilbert again. i'm buying it this weekend
  12. I have been watching Desperate Housewives and think it is very good. beg to differ Pirate Kate, Desperate Housewives is technically not a sitcom more of a drama comedy or as my friend Marty (aka Bill) who lives across the pond has told me it is referred to as a 'dramedy'. I think the casting is perfect. i think Marcia Cross is fantastic as Bree Van der kamp but I seem to be the only one of my school friends who remember her as Susan Howe in 'Cheers'. Please say someone else does! btw, my quote below is from the episode with Marcia Cross in, oddly enough. She didn't say it though
  13. I finished it and emailed JK back with a shining review and want to read the sequel
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