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  1. Kyria! Hi there, and a warm welcome to the club Oh and happy Christmas to you and yours and ditto to fellow BGOLers. steely
  2. Just started on book four of the Aloysius X.L. Pendergast series... : Medicine Creek, Kansas. In a town where nothing changes, where Main Street is a two-block stretch of old and dusty businesses, a peculiar and ghastly murder has taken place, the body mutilated and placed carefully in an elaborate tableau in the middle of the endless cornfields. Now cool-eyed and smooth FBI Agent Pendergast arrives to discover a community he must turn inside out to find the killer who can only be one of them...
  3. Fair dues to you Volvican, for your fair assessment. Still think the book was half-baked though. Like a dog knows if he bites his tail he'll feel pain and yelp...and then proceeds to do it again and again.! Yes your quite right, it is satire, I too got that more less in the same place you did, but my God it was like bad scratched record though.!! Methinks I should have done what you did, as it was I read it in a fortnight,! and wound up with next biggest headache since I had my second stroke eight years ago. Now THAT was a headache and half.!! I was asked sometime ago what I thought
  4. And a very warm welcome to the site, the more the better. You'll have fun Brill place it is too.
  5. To be honest with you Volvican, I found the book just as half baked as the equally daft film version. No doubt some people will think and do, that it's a 'classic', but I can't see it meself.! But fair play to you, for having read the book though, can't have been easy.!
  6. My thanks to you Royal, I'm glad that it wasn't me and others had 'trouble' with The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower 1). Again thank you. steely
  7. God help you Hazel.! I a bit of a stubborn bugger,! and I bought my first ever series of books by Stephen King... and I'm beginning regret all ready.! It's the Dark Tower 1 to 7, I'm struggling on book 1, it's an apocalyptic thingie and like I said I'm stubborn, it's been stop start for me and I've started it for the third time and it's the final time for me. Apparently America has had a war and it's reverted to back to the old wild west.!!! There's this chap called the gunslinger and he's chasin' the man in black and he's the 'baddie' it seems. But God it's tough going and I've
  8. And more lives than a cat can shake a mouse.!
  9. David, MANY thanks for the link. It's funny but one of many things I miss over here in Canada, are some BBC 1 programmes and two and possibly ITV, and one of them 'is Children In Need'. They don't even have anything like that over here, and if they did it would be slaughted by bloody adds.! All I can say thank God for torrent sites where I can download shows from ol Blighty as they were meant to be seen.! Anyway thanks again. fireball
  10. The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. Stephen King's The Dark Tower book:1
  11. Thanks for that Momo. It's an interesting thread this as in when we were young there were clear and more or less, definitive lines of what books that were for children, now though.... It would be fascinating to know when the 'lines' for want of a better word, became somewhat blurred as it were. And is it quite a good thing or sad that childhood is so short, or is it as it "should be".?
  12. Never mind David, having to rebuild a new one.! "ooh the pain.,! The pain of it all!!" 'Doctor' Zachery Smith L I Space
  13. Oooh hell.! Suppose, if I could be bold enough to say, if I may. It really comes down how you judge "the call". I mean, as an example, when British authoress J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter I'd know hesitation at all. I've come to the stage my life that really I couldn't give a damn what people think, (again presuming and assuming on their part...and getting it wrong.!) which led to "His Dark Materials" starting off with the first one Northern Lights . And I bought both authors in their children's covers as they came out. I thought the 'adult' versions were for not really honest with the
  14. A very warm welcome both french, Diruo. You are in good company.
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