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  1. "I debated for a time as to whether I ought to open these memoirs at the beginning or at the end -- that is, if I would start out with my birth or with my death." "I had no children; I did not bequeath to any creature the legacy of our misery."
  2. This is a very famous erotic novella. Written in 1928 and detailing the narrator (a young male) and his sexual escapades with a girl called Simone. They begin having a sexual relationship but don't engage in full intercourse, only masturbation and exhibitionism. Eventually, they manipulate a local girl called Marcelle to join them in their games. This leads to an orgy which in turn leads to Marcelle having a mental breakdown and going to a sanitorium. Eventually, she commits suicide and the narrator and Simone go on the run to Spain with the help of an Englishman called Sir Edmund
  3. Jim Wrath and Steve Fletcher argued into the night about who made the best wine. "Let me settle this," said Jessica. She took a sip from both glasses and looked at the two men. "For me, it had to be the grapes of Wrath."
  4. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
  5. An example of what makes the book great. "No pain, no death is more terrible to a wild creature than its fear of man. A red-throated diver, sodden and obscene with oil, able to move only its head, will push itself out from the sea wall with its bill if you reach down to it as it floats like a log in the tide. A poisoned crow, gaping and helplessly floundering in the grass, bright yellow foam bubbling from its throat, will dash itself up again and again on to the descending wall of air, if you try to catch it. A rabbit, inflated and foul with myxomatosis, just a twitching pulse beat
  6. Since there's no bird watching section, I guess this is the place to post this. This is a book about a man (A.J. Baker) who develops an interest in bird watching and specifically takes an interest in peregrines. He details his fascination over the course of several months in the early sixties and follows the birds around the South of England. I read it based on several excellent reviews. It's generally considered one of the best nature books. The first two chapters detailing his interest in bird watching were indeed exquisite. The prose is gorgeous and se
  7. The Catcher in the Rye - Salinger
  8. "What's that smell?" Asked Gary. "Oh sorry, that was me," said Brian. "Brian Willows, you really are disgusting." "Better out than in. You can't stop the wind in the Willows."
  9. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - Beatles
  10. One hundred bears of solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez A hundred bears agree to live apart from each other.
  11. Oliver needed to think of a dance to impress the judges but nothing can to mind. He looked at the crowd and saw his sister, Agatha, mouthing the words 'Oliver, Twist.'
  12. "Who's your favourite techno artist from the nineties? asked Richard. I thought about it and replied. "Probably Moby, Dick."
  13. "There he was, his dead body laying in the grass. Steve Catcher in an open stretch of land. Steve Catcher in a swaying field. Steve Catcher in the rye."
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