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  1. I've always preferred literary fiction (though I might narrow that down even further to 'transgressive fiction'). I generally find plot driven books to be simplistic and tedious (often, to the point that they feel too much like they've been influenced by the visual arts, movies in particular). 


    One thing I've noticed in a lot of contemporary fiction is the attempt to blur the lines. Books that are aimed at people who like very plot driven narratives with lots of dialogue and short chapters but who don't actually like reading. They've been catered to with these books that read like film scripts with easy-to-visualise scenes. This is a bad trend in my opinion. 'Normal People', for example, won various awards and received rave reviews as a piece of literary fiction, but I would absolutely describe that book as popular fiction designed for those who don't like reading very much. In fact, I'd say it was nothing more than a teen romance novel. 


    I fear literary fiction is dying out. There's certainly no money in it.  

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