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  1. Not sure I understand this question. You mean books you grew out of, or books you initially liked but, putting some thought into it, concluded weren't that great. The only thing that qualifies is Atwood's Blind Assassin. I enjoyed reading it and when I finished I thought it had been great. As the weeks and months went by, however, I started to think it was actually quite poor, overly melodramatic, and somewhat inconsequential and gimmicky.
  2. Just finished this. It's a very original book where you, the reader, become one of the characters. You buy a book but it has typos so you take it back to the shop where you meet a woman, also wanting to read the book, and then you speak to a university professor with her about the book, then another professor, then a publisher about a different book, then a writer about another book, then you begin a relationship with the woman, then you go to another country to find the complete manuscript... and so on etc. Sadly, that didn't work very well for me because after the fi
  3. Before the forums closes, tell me... 1. Your favourite book. Journey to the end of the Night. 2. Saddest book you ever read. The Leopard. 3. Book you read a paragraph or two from every now and then. The Book of Disquiet. 4. Best opening line you ever read. The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. 5. Most overrated book. The Great Gatsby. 6. Book you read because of a review you saw here. The Book of Ebenezer Le Page (I've also bought The Heart is a Lonely Hunter).
  4. Across the gateway of my heart I wrote 'no thoroughfare.' But love came laughing by and cried I enter everywhere.
  5. Another disappointed customer here. I enjoyed the book for the most part but wasn't necessarily blown away by it. The first third, where we are introduced to the wonderfully grotesque globule of man known as Ignatius J. Reilly, was a lot of fun to read. This man just utterly overwhelms you with his absurd, pompous affectations and over-the-top character. Then, however, I found my interest slightly waning, especially when we're introduced to the rather pointless characters (if you ask me) who frequent the 'Night of Joy' club such as Lana and Darlene and (worst of all) Jones. All he
  6. I was also somewhat disappointed. Have posted a review.
  7. hux


    All done by a professional. This is as good as I get.
  8. According to the Talmud, it's 30 September, 2239.
  9. hux


    Before the site closes, you should see my dogs. It would unfair to keep them from you.
  10. This will very probably be my last book review posted here. And it's a rather perfect choice, one which reminds me how beautiful literature can be. The book of disquiet is quite simply one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. There's no narrative to speak of, no plot, only a man giving his thoughts on the world and the human condition. It feels like a diary, and many of the chapters do, indeed, have dates, but most don't and even the ones that do aren't chronologically ordered, but rather placed, haphazardly, in any order. You might read several entries from 1932 only to
  11. How does it work over there? I assumed it was just a billion book reviews (that become difficult to follow as a consequence) and not much more.
  12. I've created an account there. I don't like their set-up as much as here. It seems a little vague in terms of where to post book reviews. Doing it by century seems more straightforward. I also like the bar on the side that let's you know what the most recent posts are.
  13. The Book of Disquiet - Pessoa (or is it Bernardo Soares?). Fascinating.
  14. Good reads is a minefield. Truth be told, the small community here is what appealed to me in the first place (and yet ironically is also the very thing that ensures it can't survive). This looks like it might have potential - https://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/
  15. 😌 I don't use Facebook. Don't intend to. Does anyone know any other book forums (preferably small but modestly active)?
  16. The Hunt for Red October - Tom Clancy
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