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  1. Have a Rant!

    We were never leaving. Run the clock down then extension then 2nd referendum (which doesn't involve leave as an option). And that's when things will really get interesting.
  2. Leaving Neverland

    In part II, the son does indeed blame his mother, and the mother accepts she was to blame.
  3. Leaving Neverland

    I have no problem separating the artist from the art. In the case of Jackson, I'm not sure it's entirely relevant. Other than hardcore fans, who is listening to his stuff? Most of it is pretty dated now.
  4. Fascinating and disturbing watch. Not sure how anyone can keep deluding themselves that he wasn't a paedophile. So patently was. Simpsons have already announced that they're pulling the Michael Jackson episode from TV And streaming services.
  5. Song Chain

    Girl You'll be a Woman Soon - Urge Overkill
  6. Song Chain

    Happiness is a Warm Gun - The Beatles
  7. Review of 2018

    Book - Ham on Rye. TV - Orange is the new black (binge-watched the whole thing). Movie - Bros: After the screaming stops (unintentially hilarious) or Avengers Infinity war (lot of fun with a genuinely dark ending).
  8. A to Z Game

    The Exciters -- Tell Him
  9. Book Chain

    Of Mice and Men -- John Steinbeck
  10. Song Chain

    Depeche Mode -- Just Can't Get Enough
  11. Having been inspired to read Post Office by the thread on this very site (someone accused it of being 'of it's time' which instantly made it sound appealing to me) and loving it, I decided to read some Bukowski and chose Ham on Rye. I'd never actually read the guy before but he's fast becoming a favourite. I adore, the brevity, the simplicity, the honesty of his prose. It took almost no time to read this book, I just skipped through it like the pages were being blown by fan, and embraced the narrative and the grumpy yet vulnerable masculinity whole-heartedly. I haven't been this inspired by a writer for a long time. I shall seek out more of his work (probably Factotum) and bathe in his politically incorrect filth like a happy aroused pig. I read so much by-the-numbers literature these days and while a lot of it still very impressive and enjoyable, it does also suffer from being trapped by the rules of literature set down in the 19th century. People seem determined to never let that century lose its grip on the medium. Bukowski, meanwhile, felt like reading a book by someone I know, living a life I understand, today. To a 19th century writer (as well as their 20th century mimics) the sunset is a romantic veil of copper steeped in profundity; to Bukowski, it's a reminder that he has to get up for work in the morning.
  12. The Blind Assassin

    Just read it. Enjoyed it for the most part though (like so many books) it probably didnt need to be anywhere as long as it was. I did find myself (about two thirds the way through) wishing she would hurry up and get to the point. I've always been critical of Atwood's robotic women who never think anything real or interesting, only ever expressing themselevs in clean, crisp, mature thoughts that seem a little bland to me. This wasn't as bad as her other work (though to be fair those books were about voicelss women so a lack of personality made a certain amount of sense) but Iris was still a little too stoney and blank to feel real (her age did help a little in this regard). Ironically, it was Laura who felt like a real person despite her distance from the main story. I didnt see the twist coming (if you can even call it a twist) and it did pack a punch. The book within a book within a book was jarring at first but once i knew what was happening, I was fine with it. The only downside being that once you know what's really going on, re-reading the book becomes a necessity if you want to better see how those relationships developed and were mirrored (I'm not a fan of having to re-read books to better understand the context; you should make the context clear to begin with -- this isn't an episode of Murder She Wrote for goodness sake.) And I could have lived without the newspaper notices. But yeah, I liked it.
  13. Tennis

    The issue isn't if Serena has a right to behave badly or inappropriately. Of course she does. This issue is, are we allowed to make fun of her without being labelled racists, sexists, (and now apparently) parentists? I suspect various cartoonists are already backing away. Oh, and the coach was totally cheating (Guardian). Though apparently he was coaching a woman in the crowd or something.
  14. Tennis

    My statement that he was mocked mercilessly and made globally famous because of his tantrums? Nope. I don't think he does disagree with that statement. Also, the article you linked to includes the words 'but opinion is divided.' I only point this out because you clearly missed it.