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  1. Just finished the book. The end was certainly an anticlimax. It was interesting to be reminded that some americans were hoping that the Nazi war machine would reduce the communist threat in the 1040s. I found the politics very intriging and wonder about anti-semitism in the USA today. The daily terror during the riots was quite revealing - something that some of us have no experience. I have a little insight of how it must feel to be Jewish. I'm not sure if the 9 year old Phillip would have been so observant - he is obviously recalling events from a later period. I wonder if anyone else had any thoughts about this writing technique. It is interesting to read the book during the 60th aniversary of one of the infamous death camps where a million Jews were murdered. I did like the mixture of fact and fiction - I went off and read something of the historical background. Altogether a thought provoking read. Regards Copperfield
  2. I have read "The Human Stain" by Philip Roth and this was a very good read. I have his latest novel and will start to read this in January. I can add comments as I read or when I have finished the novel - I'm happy to go along with everyone else and hopefully make some contribution to the forum. I picked up a copy of Graham Greene's "The End of the Affair" from my library shelf and although I have previously read this, I find that I cannot put it down.
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