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  1. Ohh, I got myself a job at the library! How great is that!!
  2. I know that obviously Philippa Gregory is writing a novel, but I am now studying Henry 8th and the Reformation for AS level and have found that her books have helped me a bit. I know that they don't really go into any detail of the reformation, but knowing Anne's 'nature' helps to give the history depth. Also, for other Tudor studyiers, Henry the 8th's 'biography' with notes by Will Somers (it IS a novel!) by... Margret.... can't remember! I will look! Hang on.... Anyway, it's good and quite educational.
  3. I bought 'Shadows and Strongholds' by Elizabeth Chadwick and now that I've finished it, I just wanrt to say that I think that it was great! It is set in Medievil times, just as Henry II is gaining the throne and is set on the Welsh border, particulary Ludlow. This book really brings the time to life and you really believe in the characters. There is romance, war and deceptions. I think that this is a briliant book, and I will certainly be reading the author's other books.
  4. I ordered this book from the library, but it came while I was on holiday and since they only keep them for a week, I'll have to order it again!!! But I look forward to reading it!
  5. I'm reading 'The Odyssey' as part of my book club, but it is also part of Portsmouth's 'One City, One Read' schemes as part of SeaBritain 2005. I'm up to chapter 3 so far. It ws a bit hard to get started with all the strange name's at the beginning, but I'm starting to get into it now. Has anyone else read it? It's the Penguin Classics, translated by E.V. Rieu. Do people think that there is no point in readign 'classics' as they have no revelence to modern life? Just thought I'd throw that in, create a bit of discussion.
  6. I first read the The Templar's Penance, which was completely different to the others as it is set in Spain. You might want to try those later ones as they may be less obvious.
  7. I have now read another 2. 'The Tournament of Blood' and 'The Mad Monk of Gidleigh' The first one was exellent again, but the second one I got bored of. Probably because I've had an overdose of Medievil murder mysteries. I'll read some more at later. There are still very good though!
  8. I have indeed read some of Jean Plaidy's books. I've read the Medievil ones though, and although I keep meaning to read others, have never actually got round to it. The one's I've read though are good, so I guess her stories in general are also good. Good luck, and tell me how they go, Kate x
  9. Wow - I went to Florence last year in the summer, and fell in love with the city. Did you watch the Medici on channel 4, some time ago?
  10. I've found a new author, and her books, I guess, are quite similar to Philippa Gregory. She's called Posie Graeme-Evans, and the first book of her trilogy is called "The Innocent", the second "The Exiled" and the last hasn't been published yet. These are really good books (ok, I'm only up to chapter 10 in the Exiled). It follows Anne, a peasant girl who goes to court, and then her 'adventures' there. These are really good, and I think that anyone who enjoys Philippa Gregory will enjoy these book!
  11. I was watching Gosford Park on Channel 4 the other day and I didn't realise that Julian Fellows wrote it. Sorry, a bit off topic.
  12. I have recently discovered Michael Jecks' books. They are really crime novels, but set in Medieval times. I've only read one at the moment, The Templar's Penance, but I intend to read more. That one was set in Spain, but I think that others are set in Devon/Cornwall. He has written about 10 or more. I like his style of writing, although at the very beginning maybe a few to many characters are introduced at once - luckily there is a list of characters in the front. It was great seeing how the characters interlinked with each other and how all the connections were discovered by the protagonists. I recommend this book!
  13. Does anyone know how to get an avatar? Mine won't work.
  14. I read the Memory Palace! Sorry, this isn't to do with the topic. Naughty me, just, I've read that book too! Wow. I read it last year whilst on holiday in Italy - a country I must admit I am now in love with, especially Florence - excuse me I have to go into a corner and simper at the thought of warm, lovely Florence....
  15. I think I may well have a lookie. I've thought about looking at them, but I've never had enough time. Have you read 'Bread and Chocolate', a collection of short stories by her?
  16. Kaiser Chiefs, though technically for my friend, I may steal it from her *heehee, sneak sneak...* *pounch*
  17. Poster is a great idea. We could print them out and out them in local libraries, and I could put one in my school library, or even put a notice in my school newsletter! Ohh, I'm excited now!
  18. I had a LAMDA (Speech and Drama) Exam the other day and I did a piece of the 'Other Boleyn Girl'. She asked me a bit about it and historical novels as well, since I told her that I enjoyed reading them. The thing is that although historical facts, such as Anne Boleyn getting executed, shouldn't be changed, some things are fictional. Things such as personalities and emotions generally aren't recorded, so of course the author has to invent things. For example all the different interpretations of the emnity between Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, there are so many versions of the slowly lack of love between them. I like it when authors use authentic details, such as clothes (and the right words for them), objects, social issues etc. It makes the writing seem more real and alive, so I can visualise the scene. Well, I've probably gone on far too long, so I'll stop now, Kate
  19. Sorry, I should have clarified which books I was talking about.
  20. I was a subscriber to Medieval History Magazine - which has now stopped publication *sniffle*. Family get Sunday Times, but that's all really. I just read loads of books.
  21. I used to HATE couscous, and as a family we never ate ti as my father als hated it. Then my mum made this tomato and onion couscous, and now I like it. Nice little tale for you all.
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