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  1. Best To Start With Skinners Rules,then Work Ur Way Through Them,i Have Just Started Deaths Door
  2. Try they thirst,sorry cant remember author
  3. Imperium is a good book it is quite hard going but it is worth reading,also try roman blood by steven saylor,cicerro is in it and its much easy going.
  4. Would love to know what u think of him as a horror writer,Quite a loy of his books are full of blood and guts and a lot of gory murders.
  5. Has anyone read his latest book in the skinner serius
  6. just wondering if it is any good, i enjoyed dragonmaster trillogy,and orcs trillogy only fantasy books i have read
  7. hi names steve ilike simon scarrow, conn iggulden, steven saylor, tom harper, john grisham,ian rankin, quinten jardine got most of there books
  8. reading tom harper at the moment mosic of shadows
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