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  1. No, sorry. But I do promise that "Perfect Day" were a real band! Type - Living Colour
  2. Sorry, my mistake, of course it's serious ... oh whoops! Jane - Perfect Day
  3. Sorry, these were the only 'rules' I saw ... isn't it just supposed to be a bit of fun? Anyway, Lazy Susan - The Brothers sorry no apostrophe 's'
  4. Walk LIKE an Egyptian - the Bangles
  5. It was his dream for HHG to reach the movie medium ... it had been everything else, and yes, he was involved and even created at least one new character, the one played by John Malkovich. I've included a short piece by his brother if you're interested, just copy & paste and remove the gaps (I don't think we're supposed to paste links in here??) http://www. bbc.co.uk/ dna/ h2g2/ A3913760 As for a sequel, I guess if it's a success in the US they'll start a sequel on the back of that, it's what normally happens. Oh, and by the way Dr Strangelove, what colour should a alien universal hitchhiker be then? I, for one, shall pay the ticket price and watch on the big screen as have been a fan of all things DA since I was a little girl!
  6. DER, sorry Bill ... didn't read the question properly!
  7. I don't have the book anymore but I just checked the film for you ... scene 8 (where we first meet Sting too), he pulls the heart plug out of one of the young assistants. Don't you just love it when that happens? Being right, that is! And as for re-reading something and regretting it ... not happened so far but I'm still young!
  8. Feist's Riftwar trilogy was brilliant as Darkstar said BUT, I would have to say that George R R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire was better. Yes, I know they're on my "to read" list but it's for the 2nd time around as I am hoping Mr Martin will be releasing the 4th book by the end of this year and I want to be ready for it!
  9. Try "East, West" by Rushdie. It's a collection of 9 short stories. That would be another author you could add to your list then. (I have never read War & Peace )
  10. I love the Book Pig expression!! I was going to entitle my post as 'Oink' but with only around 200 books I thought a 'snuffle' was all I could rightfully claim! (Just over a year ago I left UK and had to be ruthless. My friends/family/local charity shop were V happy though!) The collection is very slowly building up through my visits to the (was Waterstones) WHS bookshop at Gatwick. I would use an online service but the postal system in Marseille is terrible and many things have gone 'missing' so I don't waste time/money on that anymore!
  11. 3 books immediately spring to mind (in no particualr order) DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little ... actually liked the book but just got SO frustrated (stopping mid sentence and exclaiming out loud "WHAT?!") about the so called 'justice' system. It didn't help that after finishing said book I discussed with a friend (retired lawyer from US) and she advised that in fact those people/situations do exist/happen ... grrrr!!! Still have the book though. Jostein Gaarder's (sp??) Sophie's World ... was riveted for about 150 pages then it felt as though I was wading through treacle wearing lead-lined boots ... eugghh ...eventually my mum (who I discuss books with regularly) just told me to stop reading it! Now, why didn't I think of that? Gave the book away complete with my bookmark of where I managed to get up to! Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho has got to have been the most tedious book I have ever subjected myself to! I was reading it as a favour to a friend who found it too scary (??) as she needed to write about it for a thesis. If it hadn't been her book I would have torn it page from page, screwed it up into tiny little balls and launched it into the bin but instead my friend had to listen to my verbal destruction ...
  12. The Russian Debutante’s Handbook – Gary Shteyngart
  13. ... I don't know why people are getting so bent out of shape ... it was used twice in over 500 pages! Anyway ... I bought (and read) the book on the premise of the reviews I had read on BGO ... some bad, some good, some indifferent. Personally, I thought it was great. AN wrote in a way that I was quite happy to believe in Henry's condition (for the purposes of the story) and I wanted to find out how the relationship unfolded over the years (and back again). I felt genuinely sad at the end (even though we knew what would happen) but I felt it to be quite a beautiful story of true love (crikey, I'm turning into a soppy bugger!!!)
  14. Didn't Nick Hornby make a big reference to songs for life in the High Fidelity book ... or am I making that up? I shall be picking a copy up of this one though as I'm always interested in what other people class as good records and why! Thunder Road is a class effort from The Boss!
  15. All the robbers in the world have fallen down their respective wells and died but unfortunately their legacy lives on in the re-runs of The Sweeney and a new generation of Thieving Bastards is born ... Shut it!! I wish that the Summer would hurry up, it's just too darn cold!
  16. I don't own and haven't read any of S Hawking's published work but I do have his website as one of my faves and have found it to be of great interest! http://www.hawking.org.uk/ Did you read a book, if so, which one and what did you think of it? You said something about you not being of the 'calibre' ... which I don't accept for a moment ... I bet you got/would get something out of it!
  17. I read this last year and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and although I agree that it did have a spot of first book syndrome I thought the characters were believable and I ended up empathising with a few of them. Definitely worth finishing! BTW - my very own theory, if you don't care what happens to the characters in a book then, in my little ol' opinion, the book hasn't been well written. Afterthought - unless you're talking about American Psycho ... which I think was written with the sole purpose of ensuring you NOT care about any of the characters ... hmmmm?!
  18. Well, I haven't read any of them but having read the reviews and postings it was a close call between Small Island and Travel(l)ers Wife ... I went for TW in the end as I am a sucker for the unknown (although I'm not a great Sci-Fi reader). Rest assured I shall be buying both the above and Ian McEwan too (the Cement Garden was superb, in my humble opinion)
  19. I too, like many others, have just read Dan Brown's latest offering. Hmmm. I read Angels & Demons a few months ago and found it to be entertaining enough. Unfortunately, not only does DVC have the same main character (with his deep booming voice!) but the story follows exactly the same format! I have to admit though to it be a very interesting subject matter but please take it with a great big bag of salt, it is fiction after all! Follow Colinj's advice ... £3.57 at Tesco, worth it for the beach/rainy weekend read! Also, Colinj's current reading list (less the RD) - thumbs up on both of those!
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