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  1. For some reason, The Zombies were way bigger in the States than here - where only the great 'She's Not There' made the Top 20. ('Time of the Season' didn't show at all in the UK, which is hard to imagine given how it's all over the TV these days in that Magners commercial...)
  2. Touched By the Hand of God - New Order (which ties in nicely with my last contri...) (By the way Grammath - what's up with your mobile? Or have I said something to offend you?)
  3. Ho hum - who said pop will eat itself? David Quantick.
  4. Wow - respect to you for checking out The 'Knot while heavy with child! For this, you surely win BGO's Golden Rock 'n' Roll Devil Horns award hands down..!
  5. Well, the synth tunes on 'Anything Could Happen...' and very ┬┐hypnotic? Anyway, that seems to be what they class themselves as anyway along with Metal/Screamo which is more appropriate for them with all the Drop C guitar riffs and screaming. (not like AHHHH, like shouty scream, like Slipknot...but I hate Slipknot) You know their stuff better than I do, nsa, so I won't argue! As for Slipknot, I don't own any of their CDs (not sure I ever will), but at least those guys knew how to put on a show for their fans. (Someone asked me a while ago what I thought of them, and I have to say I'd sooner have attended a Slipknot gig about five years ago than have to sit through the over-earnest tedium of bands like Keane or Coldplay...) As for the rap (musical genre)/hip hop (style/way of life) debate, it depends what you listen to. I like a lot of the old skool but don't have much truck with all the hos and bling of gangsta - give me Public Enemy any day over Ma$e. But if you don't listen to it, you ain't never gonna like it...
  6. Playground Twist - Siouxsie & The Banshees
  7. Okay, go on then - 10 is Al Stewart's 'Year of the Cat'...
  8. ...one good reason to get out of Denver...
  9. 2 (which I thought would go first) is Bowie's 'China Girl'...
  10. Haven't The Zombies already done that?
  11. Are Enter Shikari 'trance'?? I wouldn't have thought so - I tend to associate that genre with dance acts like Faithless or maybe Fragma. (Anyway, I think I've posted enough about Enter Shikari for one day..!) It's almost unquantifiable to say whether music is better/worse than in the past - though we'll unlikely see a band with as seismic an influence as The Beatles again. What I would say is that it seems way too easy for second-rate guitar bands to get signed these days - pop music desperately, desperately needs a revolution a la punk/hip hop to come along asap...
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