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  1. Hi I'm Shirley I'm a student at nottingham trent uni, studying to be a secondary school teacher of ICT. Alot of the books i read lately relate to my course and sadly i dont get enough time at the moment to read what i enjoy reading. I joined BGO as i did a search online to find a local book group, figured it might inpire me to widen my reading horizons, however i remembered that i am rather busy and wouldn't make time to go spend an evening chatting, when i should be planning lessons. So that brought me onto this online book group, allowing me to read and post at my leisure. I enjoy reading a variety of books, mainly fiction, but have only really scratched the surface, like many i enjoy reading books with a romantic flavour, I discovered Little Black Dress books but they can be hit and miss, I found 1 of Sophie Kinsella's books good, the others were too far fetched. I chose to read some classics last year and enjoyed Jane Austen. As well as that i enjoyed Sidney Sheldon books a few years ago, but after a few found the plots rather samey, but i like a good crime/thriller novel, so if anyone can recommend a novel/novelist of a similar vein that'd be great.
  2. The Man in the Picture: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill
  3. Hi Right now i'm reading Marley & Me by John Grogan, i picked it up baecause i've often thought of getting a dog, i'm only a few chapters in at the moment, my course is so hectic i barely find the time to read it. Over christmas i aim to finish that plus Mansfield park which i started months ago and got distracted from, i was enjoying it but had to do some coursework. Fingers crossed i can remember the story prior to where i am in the book otherwise i'll have to start again! Shirley
  4. I picked up Pride and Prejudice last year on a whim thinking i should read the classics at some point and I had never seen the tv adaptations before. I really enjoyed reading it, I liked Austen's observations on life and the family dynamics, you can see them in everyday life even now (granted not the must find rich husband for daughter soon after 16th birthday!), but they are there. It spurred me on to read persuasion, which in my opinion i probably enjoyed more, its shorter so if you get bored easily, its good to go for. Warning if your the kind of person who gets engrossed in books, you may find yourself using Jane Austen language afterwards! However when i feel the need to show my boyfriend i'm more cultured than in reality a quick half hour with P&P to spruce up my vocab, works wonders.
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