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  1. I saw up to the end of Season 4 of The Wire. I recently went back and watched seasons 2&3 again. My boxset of Season 1 is making its way around various friends and acquaintances. I will be getting season 4 on DVD though as soon as it comes out. It's one of the few tv shows that stand up to repeat viewing. In fact, it's becomes richer each time I watch it.
  2. For the Wire fans out there, Homicide: Life on the Street is also by David Simon. It's a more straight forward police procedural series but set in Baltimore. Some of the characters cross over into early seasons of Law and Order as well. In fact, Richard Belzer who plays Munch ended up moving over to the other show completely.
  3. I'd Do Anything And it's not going to be going away soon
  4. I'm just finished my two hour online health and safety course presented by Michael Buerk in jeans and a 'trendy' black polo. Somebody has obvioulsy made a huge effort to make is more interesting with quizzes and interactive stuff but I found myself nodding off more than once. Yawn.
  5. 1. Redemption Falls by Joseph O'Connor
  6. I only caught one of this series - the episode where Vincent Regan plays a labourer having an affair with his male workmate which was excellent. As far as I can see, episodes work as stand alone pieces but the over-riding premise is that each story features a person or family from a different house on the street. Jimmy McGovern (Cracker) is credited as creator but I seem to remember that each episode is by new writers. The tone is pretty consistent throughout though. The first series is available on DVD.
  7. Must I Paint You a Picture by Billy Bragg (I went to a gig/interview he did last night for his 50th birthday - amazing!)
  8. It was originally a big Northern Soul hit for Gloria Jones who was Marc Bolan's girlfriend, best known for driving the car that crashed into a tree in Barnes, killing him. Sometimes I wonder how much of my brain is taken up with this kind of useless knowledge.
  9. I read this last week. I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with Douglas Coupland. I liked his last couple of books but hated some of his older stuff, in fact I gave up on Microserfs after about 20 pages. But The Gum Thief is definitely on the love side of the equation. The two main characters drifting through monotonous, souless lives who find that writing to each other sparks their dreams and creativity. I really liked the excerpts of the novel that Roger is writing, reflecting Bethany's letters and the events around them.
  10. I finished The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland last week, read The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory and have just started Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant.
  11. I'm attempting to buy a fridge freezer online. However I'm beginning to accept that I might actually need to see it before I buy. And maybe measure up as well.
  12. We're moving offices so I'm busy chucking stuff - oh sorry I mean archiving. We're only moving about 300 yards up Wood Lane but the organisation involved is on par with a military operation.
  13. I am the sole brunette in a family of 'strawberry blondes' but it seems the ginger gene has made it to the next generation. That's my nephew Eoin.
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