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  1. I think I agree with that Huntress. I suppose a lot of people have an image of Dickens with the silly names and the caricatures. I have to say that I thought that Hard Times was going to be relentlessly grim and industrial, with none of the humour of say Pickwick Papers. But it wasn't as hard going as I thought it would be, even though its subject matter and setting is dreary. It's still a great read.
  2. Ok. Here we go again....I know I've been told to take this discussion elsewhere, but I don't know where you mean, and as you're having your pops at me here, I will respond, in order to try and clear my name of unfair, unjust, and just plain ridiculous responses. No doubt you will tell me again to go away, (subtext), but I will not do so without asserting my innocence. I did say not to bother responding Hazel after my last post, as it's obviously pointless. Whatever I say, you and David will stick together. But I will reiterate for the benefit of anyone else reading this, that I have not
  3. Hazel, before you put your "moddy" hat on again, I would like the chance to respond to your comments regarding my postings. I gather I'm not supposed to come on here unless I am talking about the thread, but just give me a moment and I'll be out of here, leaving you to carry on your conversation with the chosen few. I have read the posts. I do not have a "personal beef" with you, or "poke at you because I don't like you". These comments sound extremely immature and paranoid, and are not worthy of someone who posts regularly about all sorts of things, and so expects responses. Perhaps
  4. I'm not sure about all the benefits etc. about this forum, as I joined while browsing for book groups, and have not really gone into subscriptions and all that entails. I am not a subscriber. However, I would say that I would not have thought you had to be to benefit from what Hazel has responded to Stewart with... "meeting fellow readers,........pleasure of discussing literature........being part of a community.....the entertainment.......the recommendations......" so why Hazel are you sniping at Stewart regarding his subscription? I also agree with Lizzy's point about your surprise at getti
  5. Snap Sharon. I've just read Oliver Twist too, and Huntress, I had to read Hard Times for my OU degree a few years ago. I must admit I thought it would be very heavy going, but I loved it. I agree about Oliver, but I think his (Dickens) purpose in writing it was to highlight The Poor Law/ Workhouses etc. so Oliver himself was a bit of a cipher, an anaemic character buffeted by the winds of fate, while the other characters around him are much more interesting. It's a great book, and as ever with Dickens, the social campaigning doesn't get in the way of telling a good story. I love Dickens, and a
  6. Has anyone read the (fictional) Emperor series by Conn Iggulden? They are really good books if you like Roman history and adventure. They start with Julius Caesar and Brutus as childhood friends, and follow them as they grow up into adulthood, with lots of action, excitement, battles etc. Also, Rubicon by Tom Holland is a must read for anyone interested in the facts of Roman history. I've read it twice, and it really makes sense of who was who and what happened. A captivating read.
  7. We used to spray the sticky areas on the covers (if they were laminated or glossy of course), with diluted washing up liquid, let it sit for a while, and then scrape the offending gunge off with the edge of a library card, (or any sort of card), and wipe it clean. It worked most times. (I am of course referring to labels on books, not Last Tango in Paris!)
  8. Watching the South Bank Show, about Tim Burton, with comments from Johnny Depp(sigh). That Vanessa Paradis is a lucky woman....
  9. The Queen of the Night's aria from The Magic Flute...my sister has just been telling me about going to see a performance from a South African group in London yesterday.
  10. Ouch! Excessive remarks...."ITV wouldn't know innovative if it bit it on the ass...." Have you watched Moving Wallpaper? I doubt it, as it's on ITV, so don't you think that is an excessive remark? If you post contentious statements then they're asking to be responded to. You didn't answer my query re. copying...
  11. I never ate kiwi fruit for years under the misapprehension that it was horrible. While I can agree that you know what you like and what you don't like, I think your aversion to ITV seems ...excessive. I have a phobia of flying, not because of the safety aspect, but because I have a phobia of heights. While this is a genuine and recognizable fear, I suspect yours to ITV is more a case of a bad experience once, (or twice!) while watching some dross there. It does not mean it's all dross. I notice your antipathy to the station does not extend to watching Corrie, and that you were moved
  12. Oops, there's that blinkered attitude again! You could miss some good tv by imposing your own sanctions against ITV. I notice you watch Home and Away on Five. Surely that's a channel that exists on mainly tabloid tv, shock docs and pretty low-brow stuff. If Five is acceptable, why not ITV?
  13. Can't wait to read this one. I have other Sedgwick's on my TBR pile too, I love his stuff.
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