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  1. I really enjoyed Small Island when I read it.
  2. Life Class is a very easy and, so far, enjoyable read. I'm not quite sure where the author's going with it though. I've never tried Alice Sebold - to be honest, she doesn't really appeal. I like my reading to help me feel good and her subjects are, as you've noted, horrific.
  3. I've just finished Stargazing by Peter Hill and am about to start Life Class which was given me by a friend ages ago. Has anyone else read it?
  4. Hello This forum was suggested to my by a friend - rubybluelady, although I'm not sure if that's the name she's using here. My name's Laura, I'm 34 and live in Glasgow, Scotland with Sammy-cat and foster-cats Duke and Monty. I'm unable to do paid work for health reasons so I'm a volunteer with Cats Protection instead. I love, love, love reading! (And knitting and cooking.) My idea day involves reading a book from start to finish, no housework, plenty to eat and a cat or two to keep me company with the addition of a hand-knitted blankie if the weather's cold. What do I like t
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