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  1. Can I just clarify my spoiler. It's not the disbelief that that couldn't have happened, Quite the opposite- it's that shaking-your-head acceptance at the absolute tragedy of that being the case. That and the potential turning point on the beach and how different things could have been.
  2. I heard most of the episodes of this dramatisation and some things were much more clearly spelled out in it than they were in the book.
  3. Although, in most respects, Florence and Edward came from very different backgrounds, neither of them came from families where there was much in the way of communication. However, Florence had friends from school and college who loved intimate talk and "revelled in each other's problems", but she couldn't speak to them because she couldn't trust them with a secret. She had too much to lose, which was the prospect of marrying Edward.
  4. What a great discussion. My antennae were up around the possibility of a sexual abuse theme but not quite as sharply as yours, Kimberley and I agree about your comment about the book being able to stand up to such close scrutiny. I think it is a mark of the writing that we can read the book at face value or to read into it, expanding themes. I veered between the two when I read it. My overall reaction at the end was to the loss of what might have been.
  5. David, That was nice - getting a immediate welcome. I'd better lock up my credit card until I settle in!
  6. I listened to the Radio 4 Book Club discussion with James Robertson and have added Joseph Knight to my wanted list.
  7. Greetings. I get most of my reading suggestions online and make most of my book purchases that way too. That doesn't always work as there is nothing quite like having a book in your hand to know whether or not it appeals. However, I thought this might be a good place to help me refine my choices as well as being able to join in with some of the discussions. By way of introduction, maybe I'll just mention which books have stood out for me this year. Top of the list is The Lizard Cage by Karen Connolly which is beautifully and poetically written and The Road by Cormac McCarthy which stayed
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