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  1. Hello! The next book on the list is: Pereira Maintains, by Antonio Tabucchi: Set in the sweltering summer of 1938 in Portugal, a country under the Fascist shadow of Spain, PEREIRA MAINTAINS tells a tale of reluctant heroism. Dr. Peirera, an editor at a second-rate Lisbon newspaper, wants nothing to do with European politics. He's happy to translate 19th-century French stories. His closest confidante is a photograph of his late wife. All this changes when he meets Francesco Monteiro Rossi, an oddly charismatic young man. Pereira gives Rossi work, and continues to pay him, even after discoverin
  2. I got through it slower, too. It's definitely a 'read one story, go away and come back later' kind of book. Nothing wrong with that!
  3. I'm kicking off the discussion as I just finished reading it last night. One of my favourite characters in Blackadder is Lord Flashheart, but before him came Etienne Gerard, the daring, brave, handsome and premier swords- and horseman of the French Hussars of Conflans. I won't pretend that I'm not a fan of Conan Doyle - I love his Sherlock Holmes stories as the perfect light entertainment. Gerard is preposterous and hilarious. Some of my favourite parts in these stories are when he completely misreads or ignores other's opinions and blazes on through as though he's the absolute hero of the p
  4. The giveaway closes on Sunday, so if anyone is still wondering if they should get a copy, now's the time to claim it!
  5. It's only six at the moment and Jeremy DE hasn't yet confirmed as he is considerately waiting for others to claim a copy.
  6. I felt the same way. I'm reading it now and it's pretty funny. Grammath, please PM me your details.
  7. Hello! The next book up for grabs is The Complete Brigadier Gerard, a rousing tale of heroism and gallantry (tongue firmly in cheek) from the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Arthur Conan Doyle: Mon Dieu! The extraordinary, sabre-rattling adventures of Gerard, a young French cavalry officer in the time of the Napoleonic wars, introduce a hero who will be adored by fans of Flashman and Sherlock Holmes alike. Gathered here in one edition are both volumes of Conan Doyle's much loved tales, which will delight modern readers with their absurdist humour, infectious warmth and swash-buckli
  8. Hi all. I've sent off these 7 copies - if you haven't received it in a week's time, let me know!
  9. Hello. I've got ten (10) copies of Trevor Byrne's debut novel Ghosts and Lightning to give away to BGO subscribers with addresses in UK/Europe. Please post in this thread to 'reserve' one, and send me a private message with your mailing details as well. Synopsis Squabbling siblings, misfit school-friends and life on the estates of West Dublin are trouble enough. But then a ghost starts haunting the family home and Denny's life starts getting properly complicated. Hilarious, warm and tragic by turns, Ghosts and Lightning is a refreshing tale of one young man doing the right thing when surroun
  10. The next book available for The Canongate Read is The Last Station by Jay Parini. This is not a new book, but in light of the Oscar-nominated film (released in the UK next week) adaptation of Parini's novel, we've published this tie-in edition. Synopsis 1910. Anna Karenina and War and Peace have made Leo Tolstoy the world's most famous author. But fame comes at a price. In the tumultuous final year of his life, Tolstoy is desperate to find respite, so leaves his large family and the hounding press behind and heads into the wilderness. Too ill to venture beyond the tiny station of Astapovo, he
  11. Hazel, it may not be your thing, but there are some really excellent stories later on in the collection.
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