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  1. Another one of those books on my bedside table awaiting my attention!
  2. I read this last year and its a great little book to keep picking up and dipping into.
  3. I steered clear of Stephen King for many years as I didn't think I would like 'horror' stories. There was a band called The Alarm who wrote a song in the 80's called 'The Stand' which was based around the book, and being really into the band, I was always aware of the book and thought that I might get round to reading it 'one day'. I think it was watching the film of The Green Mile that finally made me realise that Stephen King's 'horror' was more 'supernatural' than 'horror', and I picked up a copy of The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon at a second hand book shop, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That inspired me to get The Stand from the local library and I loved it, and despite it's size, zipped through it in no time. Since then I've read and enjoyed Pet Semetery, The Shining and Lisey's Story. I'm attempting to read Misery at the moment, but not getting on too well with that one.
  4. Hello and welcome Dani from one newbie to another. I have the Memory Keepers Daughter on my pile of books on my bedside table which means it shouldn't be long before I get around to reading it.
  5. Bananas and Custard Newly Cut Grass Vanilla
  6. US Soldiers who say no to Iraq. Written by a Vietnam War resister with a forward by Norman Solomon a media critic and founder of the Institute for Public Accuracy. Accounts and interviews with US soldiers who went AWOL during their time in IRAQ. Highlighting the psychological effects of this type of war on the soldiers, and the subsequent impact on their lives.
  7. I also read this a few years ago, sat on a beach on Anglesey - I laughed and laughed out loud much to the amusement of my husband and discomfort of my daughters. It is a bit on the seedy side in places but rather than put me off the fellow, it just made him seem a bit more endearing. Which is probably not a good thing to admit.
  8. I've just finished reading this and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  9. I really enjoyed this book and would put Mitch Albom as one of my favourite authors. The reason I enjoyed it is that it is so simple. I'm neither American nor that sentimental but I just found that he brought things back down to basics again - maybe what I needed amidst a mid-life crisis at the time.
  10. Yesterday I bought: Joanne Harris - Gentlemen & Players - bought because I've enjoyed her other books. Andrew O'Hagan - Be Near Me - liked the synopsis so thought I would give it a whirl. Also recently acquired but not yet read yet: 4 Penguine Classics purchased on a recent visit to Ireland - cost €2.95 each which translates to about nothing in stirling:- James Joyce - Dubliners Jerome K Jerome -Three Men in a Boat (mentioned in the first post of this thread if I remember rightly!) Henry James - The Turn of the Screw Dostoyevsky - Crime and Punishment And in the 'Started So I'll Finish' (eventually) Category: Stephen King - Misery (not liking it much) Kim Edwards - The Memory Keepers Daughter Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar Brendan Kennell - The Little Book of Judas All at various stages of progression but not quite doing it for me although I may go back to them all.
  11. I'm just about to start Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.
  12. Thanks Hazel - not sure that I will get the order strictly right and I think I will have missed one or two, but this is a great idea! 16. Untold Stories - Alan Bennett 15. Liseys Story - Stephen King 14. Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - Paul Torday 13. The Thief of Time - John Boyne 12. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne 11. Carry Me Down - M J Hyland 10. The Shining - Stephen King 9. Ian McEwan - Enduring Love 8. Love In The Present Tense - Catherine Ryan Hyde 7. The Observationist - Jane Harris 6. Blowing It - Judy Astley 5. Jennifer Weiner - Goodnight Nobody 4. Goodnight Jim Bob (On the road with Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine) 3. If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things - Jon McGregor 2. Margrave of the Marshes - John Peel 1. Glastonbury - Crispin Aubrey & John Shephard
  13. I read The Red Tent the year before last and agree its a great book.
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