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  1. Just wanted to wish all you lovely people on this great forum a wonderfully magical Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and hope. All the best! Rod
  2. I'm also a Tolkien fan. The Hobbit and LOTRs are great books. Not fussed on the rest of his writing though.
  3. Yes, my 'bad' guys always have something about them that makes them more likeable to the reader. I try to unsettle the reader by whispering to them "this guy/gal ain't all that bad...they're just misunderstood...remember that nice thing they did earlier?". I think it makes for a more realistic rounded character.
  4. Congratulations, Ron. To get nominated for an award is brilliant. Best of luck.
  5. Eggsactly...sorry I'll get my coat. Sounds interesting - I'll take a look.
  6. Sorry to hear you've been suffering, Momo. I'm inputting invoices at the mo (apart from sneaking on here). Exciting stuff! I'll be doing some work on the third novel though a little later.
  7. Thanks for the invite - I'm based in Newcastle, but I'll try to make one of the dates if I can. All the best, Rod
  8. That's great news and well done on taking all the photos too - multi talented! You're right about that Amazon ranking - it does mislead, but until you get royalty statements through which are usually only once or twice a year that's really the only yard stick you have. Make sure you organise some local book-signings and/or readings. Get yourself out there as much as possible. Think of as many angles as possible to help get you some free advertising from the media. Check out any Shetland related websites and get reciprocal links to them in addition to trying to get a mention on them all. In a lot of ways the marketing of the book is harder than the writing of it. But it can be very rewarding. I have shamelessly marketed my books for 2 years now. At least once a month I have a book-signing in a different store on top of appearances at schools, networking and literary events. You've just got to keep plugging away. All the best, Rod
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    Thanks so much everyone for all your kind words and wishes. It really does go to show what a lovely community this is. Thanks again.
  10. I hadn't heard that. Such a shame if that's what he's coming out with now. I have a watch of The Breakfast Club every few months or so - know it virtually word perfect to the huge annoyance of my wife!
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    Thanks, Hazel - much appreciated. We're all pulling together as a family for the sake of her parents, brother and sister. She was the baby of the whole family, so everyone has been hit really badly.
  12. Congratulations, Ron. It took me a similar length of time to get my first one published, so I know how jubilant you must feel. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back for a job very well done. I wish you lots of luck with it.
  13. A nice little nostalgia piece. A full book is often daunting to a lot of people, so try short stories or even start with just a single scene or describing a single object or person. Do these exercises regularly - at least once a day. The more you write the better you will become, just like any other craft. Good luck.
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