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  1. Luckily us teenagers don't need to worry too much about buying presents. I personally think present giving is pretty stupid and when I'm older I don't plan to give out many. I need something for my dad though. Oh and I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year, I can't wait! It's always better to know what you get cause then you know you will like it.
  2. I bought the last book I needed to complete my collection of Spike Milligan's war memoirs. Yay!
  3. "After all, tomorrow is another day" - Gone with the wind. One of the most famous last lines from any book/movie. And that whole speech is really moving.
  4. I was going to see him, but after me and 2 other friends got the tickets we found out you had to be over 18 and so we thought it better we get a refund rather than the chance of us being rejected. I love Ross Noble he is hilarious! I have both his show DVDs and I think he is one of the funniest comediens around,
  5. your mother should know, your mother should know
  6. TPBM's name always reminds me of someone famous but I can NEVER remember who
  7. These boots are made for walking - Nancy Sinatra
  8. There's a boat dat's leaving soon for New York - Louis Armstrong
  9. When I was up in the Lak District there was a big Lakeland Centre. My dad and his friend had a big laughing fit over the banana holder, and they were both about to buy one, but then thought it was too expensive
  10. Old movies aren't necessarily real 'classics' I know there were a ton of rubbish films made back then. Movies from around now, I think will be regarded as CGI experimental rubbish, think of how advanced things may be when I am an adult. It's just I don't think actresses and actors now have the same sort of status as many of the older movies stars. And sorry to sound like an ignorant fool, but I have never heard a Bob Dylan song all the way through.
  11. we're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here
  12. What people actually want this to happen?
  13. The fact that I don't like the Beatles as a quarter as much as I like Frank. But I was just thinking who are my favourite band and it's them, so I just felt like saying it.
  14. That's actually more townie speak not txt speak. Not that I like it or anything
  15. I know this isn't necessarily relevant, but who is your favuorite singer or band? And have you read any biographies on them? For anyone who has notices Frank Sinatra is my all time favourite singer and I have read a few books on him. My favourite band are the Beatles but I'm not that interested in them to read a book about them.
  16. Black and White movies are better than colour because it means that more attention is paid to lighting and creating shadowing effects, as well as the actors having to work hard to make their character convinving. I pray that old movies will never be forgotten.
  17. Let's just pray it is some absurd joke. What is the world coming to? I fear for my children.
  18. Lol! I totally mixed it up I was gonna put 'Nice n Easy' but for some reason I must have had a brain slip and used the easy from that title. Sorry. Yes Frank is clouding my judgement, but hey he was the greatest singer of the last century. Well that's what I think!
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