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  1. Keep picking this up in the bookshop, think I may have to succumb!
  2. Just finished When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro and No Plot? No Problem by Chris Baty of NaNoWriMo and just starting The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.
  3. Thank goodness I have found people who agree with what I was thinking all the way through the book. The coincidences, the thought of finding his parents in the same house all this time and just the character himself!
  4. I didn't even notice this! I am going to have to get the book out again and have a look. For the record I liked this book but then I am a fan of this type of plot anyway.
  5. Absolutely nothing, my new class are giving me too much work lol! However I have picked up Curious Incident.. again as I have a child in my class with Aspergers. So yes I guess thats what I am reading.
  6. I got a copy of Brave New World from Read It Swap It and found three Miss Read books in a charity shop. I have heard they are quite good so picked them up, any comments? Brave New World I have read before but years ago so really wanted to read it again for a Challenge I am doing through my blog.
  7. Right I have emailed to get rid of Kel, I prefer a.book.in.the.life too:)
  8. The Stand is my favourite but I am currently finishing the Dark Tower series, got the last one left and then I am done. This series has had me loving some books and hating others for example it has taken me a year to finish Song of Susannah, I kept picking it up and then putting it down again. I finally finished it last night and am giving myself a couple of books break before starting the final one.
  9. I couldn't remember what my log in name was, or the password and email address it was under when I came back to the site so that is why I registered under this name. That's a pain!
  10. lol my name was Kel and it was on a Ian McEwan thread. I had meant to say that above!
  11. lol yep I was just browsing and found myself, I read the comment and thought wow thats just what I would say and lo and behold it was me!
  12. I am so glad I noticed this, I did my dissertation on the Rwandan genocide so this is definitely a book I want to read.
  13. I have been interested to see these differing opinions on this book. I read this a little while ago and although I struggled to get into it at first I ended up really enjoying it and went and got Purple Hibiscus too!
  14. I have just finished 'Song of Susannah' by Stephen King and am now reading 'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan. Why do I keep going to write Ewan McGregor when I type that name lol!
  15. Hello there! Used to be a member ages ok but forgot all my details so thought I would start afresh! I am a teacher in the UK, an avid reader and I also love to buy and borrow books! Right off now to have a nose around the forums and look for more books to add to my Wish List.
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