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  1. Thanks for starting this thread Jenmcd as I recently finished reading Amsterdam but couldn't find an existing thread and was reluctant to start a new one with negative comments. But I was very disappointed by this book. The characters were not only unlikeable, but I didn't find them very believable either. And the ending lacked any drama as it had been pretty well signposted and again was hardly credible. All in all I have read much better McEwan.
  2. I remember watching the very individual TV series of the story at tea times on BBC2. I have spotted it on one of the satellite channels recently.
  3. Sometimes parents can be so cruel (or is it just dim?)
  4. Possibly the fifth. Now we've heard Jack's story, the six were all survivors of the crash - so that rules Ben out as one of the six. I'm just intrigued by why Jack said there were eight to survive the crash, but only six who lived? It's all too strange!
  5. I must have missed the last sentence? Can you put it in a spoiler? I am really enjoying this series. Who would have thought that they could do the whole thing with flash forwards, and yet still keep up the mystery.
  6. I have often heard outwith used in Scotland and it was always perfectly plain what its meaning was, even to my Sassenach ears. How dare anyone "refuse to accept" the use of a perfectly good word that in any case cannot sensibly replaced by a single "English" word.
  7. Yes, I can still picture the shower scene now. Very gruesome.
  8. Is anyone still watching this? I got sidetracked by The Choir on BBC2 which clashes, and I haven't quite worked up the enthusiasm to watch the late repeat on Thursdays.
  9. I saw and also really enjoyed the first series. Good acting together with writing that was original and not at all predictable. How true to life it is, I am way too old to know. But it felt real. Look out for the last episode of series one ....
  10. I watched both series of Life on Mars, and really enjoyed them, and I have to agree with David that Ashes to Ashes was a bit of a dissapointment. My only hope is that episode one had to deal with Alex knowing it was all in her mind, whilst Sam had no idea what was going on. This made it all a bit smug as Jen says. Now the scene is set, I hope it will all settle down and Alex will just get on with living and coping with the eighties.
  11. Stepford Wives it is... Glenn Close was one of the wives in the recent remake, and she can be seen in Damages currently showing on BBC1 (and very good, if I may say so). Male lead Matthew Broderick is married to Sarah Jessica Parker in real life (famous for her SJP perfume). His co-star, Nicole Kidman, can be seen advertising Channel. Your knowledge of perfume mustn't be so bad, David Over to you...
  12. Not much movement here, so perhaps another clue is called for... Perfume features in the life of the leading actor's real wife, whilst his on screen wife is known for a different fragrance ... (nb the damaged actress is not the on screen wife)
  13. Born and Bred, about 100 years earlier - at least that's how I take it. Nicely undemanding Sunday evening viewing. I just thought the excuse for her size was the oft stated, but strangely unconvincing, immiment arrival of a new bundle of joy.
  14. Right idea - but not the right damaged lady. I was thinking of a more recent example ...
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