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  1. Not normally my genre, but enjoyed it. blah, blah, blah.
  2. This is the first book that I've actually laughted out loud at. I love the style of writing its like a weaving together of words in a most natural way..plus there are times I have to stop reading and think about what has just been said...all in all a very satisfying read.
  3. I dont know how I got on to this book, but It really was a very pleasing read.
  4. I live in the East End of London and recently had an American friend staying with me that wanted to do the Jack the Ripper tour. The tour leader pointed out that recently DNA was lifted from one of the victims clothers, but without anyone to compare it too, there is no way of finding who ever done it, although humanbeings like to have solutions, it seems this is one of those unsolveable crimes.
  5. Gerbam, Thank you. I really appricate your sugggestions and advice.
  6. Thank you Gerbam. Yes your memory still serves you quite well. I just couldn't understand the apolalyptic ending, but will now think on it some more now. I'm currently reading "The golden notebook" and no doubt will have more questions on this one too. I have no previous education worth talking about but, discovered this author and really do love the challenge and the thinking that is needed to understand.
  7. I've just finished reading the Doris Lessings, Children of violence series. The ending of The four gated city, really threw me. I'm not sure exactly what that was all about. Has anyone read this recently and have an opinion???
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