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  1. Argh If I ever meet Keira Knightley I am going to pull her teeth out one by one. And then make her eat a hamburger. She's too gobby and too skinny both of which I could forgive her for, but she keeps popping up in my favourite books. Go away, Keira!!!!!
  2. This started off in an interesting way but by about the halfway point I had given up hope of any interesting character development, or of anything happening that wasn't purely plot based. I see on the older cover images that this was listed as one of Greene's 'entertainments'. So I did a bit of internet research. Critics seem to be lumping all his stuff in together these days but I think Greene himself realised that some of his books were far better than the others, and this was not one of the good ones. I couldn't wait for it to end. Brighton Rock shows a world populated by caricatures, the doctrinal argument is facile - and, worse, repetitive - and I'm glad I've read some Greene before and enjoyed it because otherwise I might not have bothered with more. (And so this doesn't seem like sour grapes, I want to add that I voted for it!)
  3. I don't really use titles much but I think "Miss" can seem quite odd when you're talking to a woman past 30 or so. I definitely use "Ms" by default. I hate the way it sounds but it isn't political in the way that "Mrs" is, with its presumption of conservatism.
  4. Its a bit funny to read this discussion about changing names - I'd never even considered it. And especially not the Christmas card angle. They're a waste of paper anyway Seriously, only my most conservative friends changed their names. Or people who you'd think would want to change their names anyway because they were awful. By and large the whole 'married name' is something that belongs to a previous generation. There's nothing wrong with it but there was nothing really wrong with crinolines. We just (mostly) don't do them any more.
  5. I'm about 3/4 of the way through. I've had a lot going on so been reading very slowly but all the same, it's a massive disappointment after 'The Quiet American' which I found quite brilliant.
  6. Here's a post I made about the book, copied and pasted from a forum I used to visit back in 2006 when I read it. In retrospect, I think my opinion of the book would have been different had I not read it so soon after Gilead - because Gilead was brilliant, and Gideon Mack maybe a bit forgettable.
  7. I'm listening to ABBA GOLD. Tonight, the super trouper lights are gonna find me shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like a number one. I believe in angels, something good in everything I see. I believe in angels. When I know the time is right for me, I cross the stream. I have a dream. (I saw Mama Mia for the first time late last year and it was so completely OTT FUN that I've seen it about 6 times since. The other day I copied the DVD onto my iPod and I've been watching it propped up on my crosstrainer at the gym.)
  8. :festive: Happy Birthday John de Paris!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day and a fabulous trip :kiss:
  9. i don't know about this thread. Of course self-pubbed authors need to self-promote as well but it would be nice to see this author actually engage with some of the comments we've made rather than fly through with more blurby sounding stuff. After all, we're a forum, not free advertising space.
  10. Thanks for the congratulations everyone. I found out at 6am and have spent the day wandering around in a daze waiting for it to be late enough to open a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Sorry about all that. I was just dying to tell you all but it didn't seem right until everything was completely in place.
  11. ...Michelle, my belle, these are words that...
  12. We actually met first on the Booker Prize website where they have a forum discussing the shortlist each year. Unfortunately in a website cleanup they deleted all our first messages to each other! Booooo..... In Australia, and my kids will be excited by September
  13. Though the diamond MrHG has proposed is a little less blue.
  14. Very pleased! I can hardly type with the excitement
  15. ...umbrella. These fancy things will never come in between...
  16. Earlier this year I was watching some boxsets of the X-Files. On TV, I watched it for a long time but looking at it now, I'm surprised by how early on it jumped the shark. Somewhere in season 3 or season 4, it was already off the boil... and it ran for another 5 years, plus who knows how many movies.
  17. Surely the object in writing - unless it's purely for self-expression, in which case readers don't matter - is to write something good enough that other people want to read it?
  18. My generation is dying, after long lives swung from war to depression to war to fatness. I watch the claws in the rockpool, the scuttle, the crouch— green humps, the biggest barnacled, eaten by seaworms. In comes the biggest wave, the irresistible clean wash and backswirl. Where have the dead gone? At night on the beach the galaxy looks like a grin. Entropy has unbraided Berenice’s hair. We’ve brought on our own cancers, one with the world. I hang on the rockpool’s edge, its wild embroideries: admire it, pore on it, this, the devouring and mating, ridges of coloured tracery, occupants, all the living, the stretching of toothed claws to food, the breeding on the ocean's edge. ‘Accept it? Gad, madam, you had better.’
  19. And Jesus was a sailor When he walked upon the water And he spent a long time watching From his lonely wooden tower And when he knew for certain Only drowning men could see him He said "All men will be sailors then Until the sea shall free them" But he himself was broken Long before the sky would open Forsaken, almost human He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone
  20. ...me, myself, I. it's not that I love myself, I just don't want...
  21. I can't quite get my head around the idea of studying in February - it's been the end of summer holidays or the very beginning of the educational year anywhere that I've ever taken a course. But good luck to all our studiers just the same I've just spent last weekend at my parents' place. They no longer live in the house where I grew up but it's still so nice to be with Dad and Mum and feel looked after for a while Parents are great.
  22. I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades For ever and for ever when I move. How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnished, not to shine in use! As though to breathe were life. Life piled on life Were all too little, and of one to me Little remains: but every hour is saved From that eternal silence, something more, A bringer of new things; and vile it were For some three suns to store and hoard myself, And this grey spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. (it's actually 'never traveled' that reminded me of this poem, but 'untravelled' didn't work as a link)
  23. Doesn't rule of law just about always always favour vested interest?
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