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    I'm funny and I like stuff.
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    Picking sweets out of the bottom of my bag. Peeing in bushes
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  1. hehe thanks - with reading being top of your interest list I sort of gathered that you could only be one of 'bookgroupies'
  2. wow, what a nice reception to receive on a new forum thank you guys!
  3. Wondering what your thoughts on this book are. It is the first of Quinns books I read and I devoured it in one weekend. I believe you need an open mind and heart to read this book, if you go into it with those it will teach you something valuable and might just change your life and perception of your reality. Looking forward to starting the sequel soon. "WITH MAN GONE, WILL THERE BE HOPE FOR GORILLA?" "WITH GORILLA GONE, WILL THERE BE HOPE FOR MAN?"
  4. Hi... I'm 29 almost 30 from the Isle of Man, a 'stayover' as they like to describe us people who are not manx but stay longer than 'comeovers'. I love a good book and keep running out of recommendations so this place seems ideal for those situations. I love Harry Mulisch's 'The Discovery of Heaven', Jack Kerouac's 'Darma Bums' and am currently reading Marquez's 'Love in the Time of Cholera'.
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