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  1. Awww I know, its my username for EVERYTHING, which always has been since I was about 14. Its my email account and all, and I really should change it! I think Kristeva and co would shoot me dead for pandering to the Patriarchal structures of language, BAD BAD FEMINIST
  2. Awww thanks everyone! I shall get on with buying and borrowing these. Hope you all have a very nice day
  3. Hey there, I'm a student at Teesside University and I've just started researching my dissertation. I am exploring the economic exploitation and social repression of working-class women in Pat Barker's early novels, and through this taking a Marxist-Feminist perspective on Union Street, The Century's Daughter and Blow Your House Down. As an extra topic as a development to this, I would like to explore the impact of Globalization on the international sex trade, looking at how global economies have developed the uses of international prostitutes in palces such as Eastern Europe and Asia.
  4. Currently reading EM Forster's 'A Passage to India'. I am absolutely loving this book so far. Also reading Kazuo Ishiguro's 'The Remains of the Day' which I am finding quite slow in its beginning, but its all character building stuff and I like to have that depth of character established so well
  5. It is an investment to me though! Every book I buy means I get to learn more, god I'm such a geek haha. I'm North but not of the border, its when I start saying things like canny is when I'll confuse everybody!
  6. I'm usually an Amazon person, but as I was in Waterstone's the other day I decided to invest a few pennies on Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka The Book of Dave - Will Self A Passage to India - EM Forster One Good Turn - Kate Atkinson This Book Will Save Your Life - AM Homes The Line Of Beauty - Alan Hollinghurst One I needed for my Themes in C20th lit but the others were pure indulgence. Looking forward to getting started on them
  7. Its one of my all-time favourite books as well, I absolutely love the style which Atkinson uses and the foot notes are amazing in displaying the life-style changes of women from generation to generation. Emotionally Wierd is her third novel and, although as not as good as Behind the Scenes..., it is really good and I would recommend it loads. Also, she wrote a set of short stories before Case Histories called Not the End of the World, that I would actually say is on par with her first novel.
  8. I have to second the vote for Ruby from Behind the Scenes at the Museum. Also, I properly love Sethe from Toni Morrison's Beloved...a woman stong enough to defy her situation and go through what she did AND still carry on after such awful happenings that occur in the story I have immense respect for. Sally Seaton from Mrs Dalloway was probably the first character in a novel that made me think about Feminist theory too, so I owe a lot to her.
  9. Anything by Charles Bukowski I have found truly dire, yet I know loads of people who love his work Also, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I just don't see the point!
  10. Hey up, just discovered the site through an add on My Space...I'm currently reading for a degree in English at Teesside University and I am looking forward to discussing literature and eagerly await recommendations for further reading! Currently getting my nose into: Angela Carter - Nights at the Circus Thomas Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow and I really enjoy a broad spectrum of reading, such as Charles Dickens, Julia Darling, Hanif Kureishi, Virginia Woolf, Maxine Hong Kingston, George Orwell, Jane Austen, Graeme Swift, Kate Atkinson, Will Self, Djuna Barnes, Ian McEwan, and so
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