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  1. I like Saylor's books. He takes a broad sweep of the politics and history of the late Roman Republic and cleverly weaves his detective tales in amongst it. His scholarship is excellent, and for me he captures the flavour of ancient Rome as well as anyone does in literature.
  2. Not all British, of course: there were Poles, Czechs, French, American and even an Israeli pilot who flew and fought in the BoB. Many of these foreign nationals made crucial contributions. Shamefully, the Polish contribution was not acknowledged in the victory parade through London, largely for reasons to do with Britain's desire to placate Stalin after WW2.
  3. Indeed, I understand that there's a scene dealing with it at the start of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  4. NottyImp here, a refugee from many an internet forum. Seems fun here, and I like the layout of forums.
  5. Stephen Maturin, from the Maturin/Aubrey novels by Patrick O'Brian. Not always likeable, often irascible, but with a penetrating intelligence and love of science, and a generous liberality of spirit born out of the Enlightenment. All that sadly fails him when it comes to his own love live, but then (until recently), I can entirely empathise with that as well.
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