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    Currently a bum. Previously a Psych/Linguistics student. Receptionist to a very vague podiatrist.
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    Canberra, Australia
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    Reading, bookcrossing, people, poetry, singing, knitting, photography, thinking.
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    A friend.

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  1. I'm looking forward to ensuing discussions, disections and diversions! A question for my fellow poeteers: who's the poet you've most enjoyed discovering this year? My answer would be Gerard Manley Hopkins, far and away. I love his spirituality and his use of words. (Coffee)Bron
  2. I am dawdling my way through Dostoevksy's The Brothers Karamazov , with occasional diversions into something lighter like Michael Leunig (Australian cartoonist/poet).
  3. That's often true for me, but not always. There are some books which are absolute page-turners and I do rush to the end, but others I find myself reading more slowly and contemplatively. I think my expectations of each book dictate this to a large extent; if I've heard or read that the author I'm reading utilises particular techniques or themes, for example, I'm far more inclined to read carefully and try to be aware of them the first time around. I suspect from the author's point of view, it's best that we readers come into their books with as few expectations or assumptions as possible, so the effect of the work is more 'pure'. What do you think? (Coffee)Bron
  4. Glad to hear this; it took me ages to find it!! I can't afford to buy new books very often so perhaps we antipodeans (looks in cackleberry's direction) could be persuaded to share??
  5. Now I want to read "Garp" again! I read it at 16 and it has stayed with me ever since. I wonder what I would get out of it now.
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