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  1. More thoughts... Normally, I'm irritated by the whole house-elf thing but this book I was amused and delighted by Kreacher and a little saddened for Dobby. And I am SO glad there wasn't a silly Quidditch game! And to everyone who keeps saying that Rowling doesn't write well - I don't know anyone who reads Harry Potter for the beautiful prose.
  2. What a beautiful book! Snape's whole story arc from Book 1 was explained so well. I was crying buckets during that scene when Harry was looking at his memories. That faithful long held unrequited love. The sentences that did it for me in that scene were when Dumbledore hinted that Snape could have been in GRyffindor and when he said to DD "Always" after casting his doe Patronus. And then reading back on his death scene, I cried fresh tears when he told Harry to look at him. I cried when Fred died. I cied when Percy was re-united with his family. I think anyone could tell from a mile off that Tonks and Lupin were going to die. The whole Weasley family story arc was a pleasure to read from Book One. The whole books were about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, taking the hard choices over the easy ones.
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