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  1. Wow, I can't remember but I think it would have been a work site as I didn't have internet at home for a long time after I had it at work. Boring, sorry. MisterHobgoblin, your post did remind me though of getting t'internet at home and my son not wanting parental controls on his access. We compromised be him giving me his password on the understanding that I would periodically check his history. The first e-mail I sent him went as follows. "Dear Josh. Just checked your history. Topless supermodels eh?" Didn't stop him.
  2. Which just goes to show how rubbish our internet access is...
  3. Naughty Kim I'm not convinced that's not the case sometimes though. As I get older I seem to spend more of my time shaking my head ruefully at other people, some of whom are my colleagues and earn more money than I do. Back to black coffee which, you're right, Kim, is offensive in itself (well, pointless anyway)... A friend of mine who is Ghanian, was discussing this PC phenomenon and asked some of her black friends if they objected to the term "black coffee". "No," said one "but I do struggle with being spit on in the street." Makes the case nicely imho.
  4. That Brainstorm thing is very annoying - it's been around for a few years now. I use it as an example of the difference between Political Correctness and genuinely making an effort not to use offensive terminology when I do equality and diversity training. If anyone with epilepsy tells me directly they are offended by it then I'll stop using it. Anyway, I can't say "thought shower" without wanting to laugh. Makes me think of porn films. Not that I've seen any of course.
  5. Bless. Mine keeps trying to pass me the Catherine Cookson's she has finished with. I don't think I've read a Catherine Cookson since I was about sixteen.
  6. People know better than to buy me book, thank goodness. HI does buy them for me, but only ones he's heard me mention (and often he'll buy me a past, well-loved book for a re-read, which is very sweet). His mother buys him books all the time and they are never the sort of thing either of us would read. She says things like "I bought this because it's set in Spain and I know you've been to Spain". Bless. The worst thing is, you feel you have to keep them clogging up the bookshelves so as not to offend.
  7. I'm definitely a slacker as I read when I should be working! One of the dangers of working from home *looks round for boss* My partner likes to sleep in and I read while he's dozing on weekend mornings, which I enjoy hugely. Have had to learn to turn the pages with one hand though. Edited to add: It has just been pointed out to me that the sentence above could be misconstrued My other hand is attached to my other arm, which is around my sleeping beloved
  8. I'm intrigued by this now - might have to give it a try myself!
  9. It's a slightly different angle than the one I suspect you are looking for, but you could also have a look at Memoirs of a Geisha. Contains, amongst other things, the interesting (and, to me, harrowing) account of the 'value' (financial) of a woman's virginity.
  10. An odd woman who, incidentally, can't spell. This forces me, sadly, to raise the subject of poor spelling and grammar. These offend me. Mind you, it did force me to type this very carefully to ensure no mistakes, which would have been VERY EMBARRASSING.
  11. Surely if you're going to cheat, the best (and I always thought most traditional) to cheat was by buying 'the Notes' (can't remember who published them now). EDIT: not that I ever did that of course
  12. This is very important, as Lovefilm once sent me series three of "Two Pints of Lager" BEFORE they sent me series two (which was higher up my list). I cancelled my subscription right away. Might give Amazon a try.
  13. I read the Patricia Cornwell book and thought it was interesting, although that whole "I've solved this so now the case is closed" stuff was a bit annoying. I thought she made a good case for proving that some of the Ripper letters were written by Sickert, but that doesn't mean he was the Ripper! What books have you read Jeremy as I would like to read more on the subject?
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