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    I'm a Maths/Science teacher who loves all things sci-fi and fantasy both in books and on TV.
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    Reading, sleeping, making cookies and being geeky. And drooling over David Tennant as the Doctor ;)
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    My Friend Jack made me join and won't let me go away!

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  1. I am currently at university, supposedly working on my next module for my MA, but am actually sat in the sunshine in a nice quiet bit of campus watching clouds and poking about on the internet (wifi + laptop outside = happy me ). I just handed in an essay I've been working on for months so feel I deserve a bit of a break before throwing myself into the next one, although I should probably be making good use of uni time and being in the library... never mind! The Red Arrows were flying about earlier which was fun to watch even if not educational in any way
  2. Good luck with that! My school got the call today... It'll be my first time through it so I have no idea what to expect! Having had a terrible lesson with one particular class today I'm dreading the inevitable observations next week I have to say I have nothing but sympathy for Peter Harvey - I teach in a relatively "nice" school (mostly just arrogant chavs at worst) and I've been driven to tears more than once!! Thankfully not in front of the kids... except when I got a giggling fit while taking a register - that was hard to live down!!
  3. This is hard so I just rattled out the first 10 films (with brief reasons) that I could think of that have stayed with me over the years. Some are on a lot of lists, some probably not, but I think they're all great and that's what the list is about right? Lord of the Rings (counts as one film, best book adaptation EVER!!) Hot Fuzz (cos it's awesome, and there's nothing like seeing your home town being exploded on the big screen) Wimbledon (it makes me smile without fail every time) Die Another Day (first 007 film I saw) Finding Nemo (everyone loves this film even if they don't admit to it) Love Actually (it really is all around y'know! Plus Hugh Grant dances!!) Serenity (Nathan Fillion... mmm... happy thoughts) Full Monty (just... should be on all the lists!) Titanic (first film to make me cry in the cinema, also first film I saw with naughty bits ) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crustal Skull (yeah yeah, it had aliens but it was funny!) Four Weddings and a Funeral (first 15 rated film I was allowed to watch... think I must have been about 10!!!) Ok, so now I realise I can't count to 10, but it doesn't matter, I only teach maths...
  4. Me neither, although possibly not for the same reasons - I've never seen any other of Stephen King's adaptations for a start! I assume they would plan to start with The Gunslinger for the movie then spin off into TV shows (just judging from the context), but I don't think this would work. Whilst it's a good book, I always thought that it felt a bit like a prologue to the rest of the series, and to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the first two books individually, they contribute to the series and in that way are important but I don't recall feeling like the story got going til later on. Now if they consulted me I'd start with Wizard and Glass as a movie then spin into a TV series starting with The Gunslinger. Personally I think Wizard and Glass is a much stronger independent book and could make a fantastic stand alone film. All the inevitable unanswered questions would then be answered in a TV series of the rest of the book, maybe going back to the big screen for the final book, which really does deserve it. But y'know, that's just me
  5. I bend/break spines all the time - it's never on purpose, I'm just one of those slightly clumsy readers who reads when doing other things. I was in the past anyway, slightly less of a problem these days though! I've never lost pages from a book due to spine breaking, in fact the only books I own that are in danger of losing pages are my dad's old Narnia books and that's probably from where they were well read before I got them!!
  6. Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf
  7. Oh I really hope it does!! I feel like I haven't had a break since September My enforced week off has done wonders for the reading though - managed another 20 or so pages last night, might finish this one by the summer holidays at this rate!!
  8. I (finally) started Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett last night. I think this'll be the first new book I've read in around 6 months so quite an achievement for me! So far it's pretty good, and I'm feeling hopeful that I'll finish it and not get distracted by work. If any author can keep me reading it should be Terry Pratchett!!
  9. What About Everything - Carbon Leaf
  10. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - JK Rowling What Katie Did - Susan Coolidge Magician - Raymond E Feist Fellowship of the Ring - JRR Tolkein Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett The Tower and the Hive - Anne McCaffrey The Ship That Sang - Anne McCaffrey The Dark Tower - Stephen King The Redemption of Althalus - David and Leigh Eddings The Last Lighthouse Keeper - Alan Titchmarsh I think I took over ten seconds - I named the books (but not authors - my brain can't think that fast!!) then read your post again and realised I should have timed myself. Still, I'm pretty sure that was under 30 seconds!! I am slightly embarrassed by the last on the list, and by the lack of Robert Jordan books - if I'd thought carefully I could name all of his in about 10 seconds!! Hmmm... come to think of it I could also have easily named 10 Terry Pratchett books. Oh well, never mind! I suspect the list sums me up quite well really!!
  11. Come away with me - Norah Jones (very observant MFJ )
  12. You're nobody til somebody loves you - Dean Martin
  13. I read this series before Magician - fantastic books, I still love them and re-read them every year or so. I'd recommend them to anyone who loves fantasy fiction, although they are very different from RF's usual style.
  14. I have this book but have yet to read it... it's on my to do list for this week while I'm cut off from doing any work or leaving the house!! Hopefully I'll manage it and will be back in a few days to post some kind of review...
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