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  1. 1. Birds of Prey- Wilbur Smith 2. Vets Might Fly- James Herriot (currently reading)
  2. I love this programme, I'm really exicited it's getting a second series. A few short opinions: I'm not ure whether we're supposed to feel sympathy with Mary or not? In the last episode you could feel more sympathy but in the rest she's just been a prize moo. I like the youngest daughter though. Thomas is a git. Daisy's just silly and William could do better. I'd also love to see him give Thomas a punch. I like Matthew, feel sorry for him, that he's been sort of thrust into that life wihtout really wanting it to get treated like dirt by some of them. Bates is also a gentleman.
  3. To be fair I don't think Joe could have invited Jed in "for a chat" as Clarissa suggested. It seems to me that with the level of the condition he had nothing that anyone could have said would have convinced Jed he was being unreasonable. Also he did try to talk to Clarissa but she just got frustrated and made out he was losing it. :s I'll have to watch the film now. I still felt sorry for Jed, even after everything he did.
  4. Hello, yeah that's fine, I don't mind where it is.
  5. lol, that's slightly better. Men of Men arrived yesterday, with an old style cover.
  6. Thanks but aww all that way to get to Birds of Prey? It looks so good! I do intend to get through his books though!
  7. Yeah I know, I still would have liked to see more Clinton. I look forward to the next book and I've also bought "Birds of Prey". I don't think the way he wrote the hunting scenes was bad but I just rooted for the elephants and not the hunters. I just don't like reading detailed descriptions about animals being slaughtered especially animals that are being hunted senselessly to extinction.
  8. This is the story about a brother and sister (Zouga and Robyn) who travel to Africa in the 1860s to look for their missing missionary father. The sister is a doctor and wants to gather information about the slave trade and the son is an army officer interested in finding gold and shooting things. It’s a very good book, exciting and informative and also a good length. It’s nice to have a book that’s on such an interesting subject not over in 200 pages. I’ve currently awaiting the next in the series to arrive but I notice it’s about Zouga, so I hope the whole book isn’t just going to be descriptions of the slaughter of animals. Now for my mini-rants. Seriously this book has made me hate people, slavers, the African Kings willing to sell their people into slavery or slaughter whole villages because of one person and the men who just want to shoot everything. That’s my first mini rant too much animals slaughter! I know it’s realistic but for crying out loud leave the elephants alone! Good on that one for trampling Matthew. What do these hunters expect anyway (the people today) they make money from ivory but if they just keep killing the elephants at ridiculous rates they’ll do themselves out of a trade anyway. How can you describe something as magnificent and then kill it? I felt Robyn Ballantyne’s morals were very questionable. She doesn’t deserve Clinton, she’s only going for him because Mungo’s married. Seriously what does she see in Mungo?! She finds out he’s a slaver and then sleeps with him, gets pregnant and then planes to foist the baby onto Clinton, so she sets about flirting with him, is pleased to have a miscarriage and then tells him she’s not interested. This is the woman who we keep getting told by the author is unendingly compassionate. Then there’s the end, I thought she was being melodramatic when she wrote the letter saying she was being “forced” onto the ship to treat the slaves. No, it’s you that decided to stay and then keep jumping into bed with Mungo St John. Even after everything he does to her she still feels the need to apologise when his ship is destroyed. Finally the worst is at the end when Clinton, the man who saved her life and all the slaves, tells her his court martial is coming up and instead she cries that Mungo is sailing out of her life! If Clinton knew the real Robyn he’d run a mile and rightly so, what a user. I didn’t completely hate her and I know the author didn’t want to present her as perfect or with simple emotions, but still… Sorry I'm just finishing the book so my thoughts about it are all fresh and intense lol! It had to come out. He should just write a book about Clinton because he rocks and is probably actually the most moral character.
  9. Well I still think freemasons are weird despite the "advertising" this book seems to do. What a big anticlimax at the the end! So what exactly did the pyramid reveal? Absoloutely nothing! The whole thing about, "it must not be opened or mankind as we know it will change" what piffle. Guarding that cube for generations was obviously a waste of time, what it actually revels is there's a Bible buried too far under the earth to access? Also that Mal'akh person, what exactly was he tryin to achieve? To become a demon? Why would he become so interested in things like that when he thought it was all daft? For some reason I wanted that video link to be sent. When for the fifty millionth time I read something like "Tonight, the transformation would happen" "The pyramid holds great power, secrets that could change mankind" I was starting to get a bit fed up. The masons need to get over it because it was a waste of effort to protect. Dan Brown kept making out something dramatic had happened at the end of each chapter, like when Langdon "transformed" the pyramid, it said something about how shocked Langdon was, he never expected anything like this to happen...you read to the next chapter about Langdon and discover the pyramid has simply opened up so it's sides have fallen down. How exciting! I had no sympathy for the Solomons because they were annoying, "As you know every Solomon child, upon reaching adulthood, is presented with his or her birthright- a share of the Solomon fortune- which is intended to be a seed...a seed for you to nurture, make grow, and help nourish mankind." No wonder Zach ran off, although I still think he was an idiot. Sounds like if you aren't some brilliant scientist or robe wearing mason you don't fit in with the Solomons. Also why did this not surprise me "Katherine Solomon had been blessed with the resilient Mediterranean skin of her ancestry, and even at fifty years old she had a smooth olive complexion. She used almost no makeup and wore her thick black hair unstyled and down. Like her older brother, Peter, she had grey eyes and a slender, partrician elegance". Uh oh the Dan Brown Mary Sue superwoman strikes again, fifty? She should have a few grey hairs and wrinkles. I would've told Sato a thing or two. Don't get me wrong though, I had fun reading this book and will buy whatever Mr Brown brings out in the future , I'm just tired and I hate everyone and everything when I'm tired lol. I found the religious ideas and noetic science very interesting, I've (like a lot of people I suppsoe) often wondered what we can do with the parts of our brain that we don't use. The religious ideas make God a much friendlier entity than religions make their Gods seem at the moment, I'd like to do some further reading about the ideas. Just in response to a post on page three mentioning Leigh Teabing < (?). It was really annoying the way he kept annoucing "In Britain we-" "Well, we British-" since when does a British person ever go around saying things like that?! Stereotyped or what.
  10. I've just finished it and I agree with what has been said about the ending, she didn't make such a fuss with the general became her danna, but with Nobu it was the end of the world and all her dreams. I did feel sorry for him and the chairman was married with kids! Was Nobu? I don't think he was. I wanted to slap Mr Tanaka, I hope Sayuri would have the opportunity at some point. I also noticed how basically nothing was said about the dropping of the atomic bombs and all the characters were made to seem welcoming to the "friendly" American soldiers. Maybe they were, but I can't help feeling there would have been some anger there after what happened. I know Japan did terrible things but...
  11. 1. Sherlock Holmes 6/10 2. Avatar 9/10 3. District 9 9/10 4. Nowhere Boy 8/10 5. Alice in Wonderland 6/10 6. Dear John 6/10 7. Shutter Island 8/10 8. Employee of the Month 1/10 9. Robin Hood- 9/10 10. Shrek Forever After- 6/10 11. Toy Story 3- 9/10
  12. I forgot to say, one thing I found annoying was the Americanisms used by the characters, particularly the upper class English. Things like "you're kidding", "cops", "I guess" and "it figures". There was another even more obvious one, but I can't remember it now. I've read these things from American authors before writing from the perspective of English people from the past, they wouldn't have said those things!
  13. This is the story of an aritocratic woman doctor (India) working in East London in 1900. She meets gangster Sid Malone and falls in love with him although she is already engaged to MP Freddie Lytton. The book also focuses on Sid's sister Fiona and her husband Joe as they campaign to help the poor of East London. I loved this book and was completely hooked. I also found that my opinions developed in exactly the same way as India's about both Sid and the poor, although I STILL think some of the poor men could spend less money in the pub and more on their family . Despite everything that happened I also still felt sorry for Freddie, although my sympathy vanished for a bit during the Wish incident lol. As for Seamie and Willa I really wasn't interested they just appeared three quarters of the way into the story then kepy interrupting the good parts with their babbles on exploring. Also Willa just seemed another opportunity for the author the write about girl power. Willa was annoying and so ungrateful at the end, Seamie should have just left her on the mountain or at least told her to get a grip. I think I'll buy The Tea Rose now which is actually the prequel and about Fiona and Joe. The third book is due out in May but there's no details about the plot. Foster Rocks! I'd love to hear other's opinions.
  14. The Winer Rose- Jennifer Donnelly Odin's Child- Tim Severin Dear John- Nicholas Sparks Harlequin- Bernard Cornwell Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier When the Eagle Hunts- Simon Scarrow Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden The Pale Horseman- Bernard Conrwell The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown The Silver Pigs- Lindsey Davies A Falcon Flies- Wilbur Smith The Conquest- Elizabeth Chadwick Zoya's Story- Zoya The Three Musketeers- Alexandre Dumas Lights out Liverpool- Maureen Lee The White Queen- Philippa Gregory The Eagles and Wolves- Simon Scarrow The Book Thief- Markus Zusak The Sweet Smell of Decay- Paul Lawrence Enduring Love- Ian McEwan The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follet Corsair- Tm Severin Tess of the D'Urbervilles- Thomas Hardy Lustrum- Robert Harris Voyager- Diana Gabaldon The Tainted Relic- The Medieval Murderers The Resurrectionist- James Bradley The Winter Mantle- Elizabeth Chadwick Charlotte Grey- Sebastian Faulks Dissolution- C.J. Sansom (currently reading)
  15. His books follow the same pattern lol (I do love them though). I've just finished Digital Fortress and guessed striaght away who the guilty party was, Susan Fletcher was a bit dim. One thing that has to be said though, Dan Brown has a thing for all the women he writes into his stories, half his books are dedicated to how wonderful they are. Vittoria needed a slap to be honest. His male characters he has less love for, apart from the main who is usually also an attractive thirty something. This one line that popped up in the middle of the chase scene made me laugh out loud: "Becker thanked God that his daily squash routine involved twenty minutes on the Nautilus machine to develop his biceps for a harder overhead serve." It was just so...I don't know lol. I was also quite smug I managed to get what Tankado's message was while the charaters were still dithering. I know it's sad to get smug over fictional characters who all only dithering to increase the tension.
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