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  1. Just had the best weekend ever, thanks to Virgin Radio. Excellent Scouting for Girls gig (met the lead singer, who left a voicemail for our daughter), as much free food and booze as we could consume (including free Ben and Jerry's shop!), beautiful surroundings (the largest passenger liner in the world - amazing!). I was so pleased that our stateroom was overlooking the water, not the dock. If I had a few grand to spare, I'd definitely book up for a cruise on that big beast!
  2. <b>Girls</b> and Boys - Good Charlotte.
  3. There was a little old <b>lady</b>, who was walking down the road She was struggling with bags from Tesco There were people from the city having lunch in the park I believe that it's called al fresco Then a kid came along to offer a hand But before she had time to accept it hits her over the head, doesn't care if she's dead Cause he's got all her jewellery and wallet You might laugh you might frown walking round London town LDN - Lily Allen.
  4. If you are what you say you are, a superstar Then have no fear, the camera's here And the microphones And they wanna know, oh oh oh yeah Yeah, uh A fresh cool young Lu' Tryna catch his microphone check 2, 1, 2 Wanna believe my own hype but it's too untrue The world brought me to my knees, what have you bring you? Did you improve on the design? Did you do somethin' new? Well your name ain't on the guest list, who bring you? You! The more <b>famous</b> person you come through And the sexy lady next to you, you come too And then they hit me Standin' outside of heaven
  5. Knew the time to leave had come when you pointed out your ring Never could see what was in this matrimony thing <b>Baby, baby, baby</b> you sure made a noise when I left And your father started shouting lest you ironed my shirts 'fore I left Would've liked to explain first but it was a split decision thing Couldn't see me settling down with a mortgage and a kid Now I hear you've been looking for me Combing every single inch You'll probably find me in Hyde Park Try the hotel first then a bench <b>Baby, baby, baby</b> I've changed my address I didn't mean to m
  6. Strange Things <b>Happen</b> - Billy Bragg.
  7. I can't help thinking that sit down paddle surfing might be more fun, and look less stupid - or hey, why not get a little boat?
  8. I was twenty one years when I wrote this song Im twenty two now, but I wont be for long People ask when will you grow up to be a man But all the girls I <b>loved</b> at school Are already pushing prams I <b>loved</b> you then as I love you still Tho I put you on a pedestal, They put you on the pill I don't feel bad about letting you go I just feel sad about letting you know New England - Billy Bragg.
  9. I was a miner I was a docker I was a railway man Between the wars I raised a family In times of austerity With sweat at the foundry Between the wars I paid the union and as times got harder I looked to the government to help the <b>working</b> man And they brought prosperity down at the armoury "We're arming for peace me boys" Between the wars Between the Wars - Billy Bragg.
  10. Midnight <b>at</b> the Lost and Found - Meat Loaf.
  11. Moments of sadness, moments of guilt Stains on the memory, stains on the quilt Chapter of incident, chapter and verse Sub-heading chronic, paragraph worse Lost in the limelight, backed in the blaze Did it for nine pence, those were the days Give me my acre and give me my plough Tell me tomorrow, don't bother me now <b>****</b>ing Ada, <b>****</b>ing Ada <b>****</b>ing Ada, <b>****</b>ing Ada ****ing Ada - The Blockheads. (Tee hee!)
  12. <b>Walking</b> on the Sun - Smash Mouth.
  13. That's why matzos are on sale in Tesco this week! I gave up sweets for Lent, I don't eat that many anyway, but it's good to have to check yourself if you get the urge. Lent does seem to drag on for ages when you fancy a bit of chocolate! I reckon it must be much harder than either to observe Ramadan, mind you.
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