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    I'm 35 years old director/producer/writer. I've written a few plays and some published short stories
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    Books, movies, hiking, fishing, whisky
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  1. I just turned 35 (11.7.) but I feel like 20 or something...
  2. Well, perhaps I should read it again if there's going to be some more discussion about the novel. I have the english version but it's also tanslated into finnish (Leijapoika).
  3. I bought Two of Diamonds and Intoxicated Man by Mick Harvey.
  4. Yeah, the plot in Saturday was thin and forced towards the ending. I kind of liked the medical jargon though. And the relation between two characters, Grammaticus (?) and the daughter was interesting for me.
  5. Thanks for the warm wellcome, you're so kind Well, The Sorrows of Young Werther hit me hard in high school. I guess it burned an everlasting mark on me... Sinuhe is my favourite of Mika Waltari's novels. He was a very productive. In addition to novels he wrote a huge amount of plays and movie scripts.
  6. Hi u all! I found Book Group through MySpace. I'm living in Jämsä (Finland) with my family. I've studied theatre and literature, and at the moment I make my living by directing/producing and writing. I've written a couple of plays and dramatized some novels. Short stories are my passion. I love to read and to write them. My favourite authors are Raymond Carver, Ethan Canin, Richard Ford, Mikhail Bulgakov and Sarah Kane. At the moment I'm reading The Complete Short Stories of J. G. Ballard.
  7. I liked the novel very much indeed. It was emotional experience to read. I think it was the story that made it so. Read it very fast.
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