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  1. no i couldnt find Twilight on amazon either, i didnt think it was a new book to be honest as i am sure i picked it up in one of those book shop sale/deals, from Gatwick about two weeks ago, an ideal long flight read just have to wait for part 2 now???
  2. Ruth, many thanks for the welcome and even more so for the info, you are correct, just to rub salt into my wounds i was actually looking at one of his books "six days" earlier on while i was searching for him very much appreciated, especially the very fast response
  3. i picked up a book at the airport two weeks ago, once i had finished it i gave it away as i do for someone else to enjoy, i now cant remember the book or the authors name i know he has produced other titles and would like to read them too, any help would be appreciated Story line - A young Canadian reporter is attached to a UN inspection team as part of the UNFORUS looking for the infamous "site A" in the US which has been thrown into a state of civil war after terrorist/nuclear attacks. PS yes i do have worst memory going, its an age thing
  4. Hi folks new lad on the block! Scottish but living in Germany so i really struggle to get books, apart from Amazon. iam an avid (or rabid?) reader of all sorts of books, but class alternative history, end of the world stuff and military sci fi as my main sources of enjoyment, although i will read anything going to be honest. i see myself as a serious reader but dont take anything to seriously, so you'll never hear me delving into styles of writing or the pros and cons of one author against another. I found numerous similar sites to this one through google while trying to find an au
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