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  1. I've been fancying this too, perhaps in the New Year. Currently reading HP & The Deathly Hallows (I've waded through the whole lot since Deathly Hallows came out, just so that I could read it, and have only just got to it!)
  2. Is it Diggory Venn of Return of the Native? (in any case I shall read the 1st chapter again tonight, it being Bonfire Night!)
  3. Sometimes when we touch - Rod Stewart
  4. This character is from an older period than those mentioned so far. He is searching for the key to all mythologies.
  5. It was lovely in Cheshire too yesterday, and is today. I'm off with this week so I'm going to do some gardening today. Bought some nice ornamental grass to go in the head of a Moai yesterday. I'm afraid you won't be smiling much then Barblue?!
  6. I agree with quite a few on here that it is much more difficult to laugh out loud at a book. For some reason I find books about the peculiarities of Ireland the most funny - McCarthy's Bar by Pete McCarthy and Round Ireland With a Fridge by Tony Hawks. (I love Ireland by the way). As an aside I find audio comedy funnier than tv comedy, lots of stuff on Radio 4 gets me really laughing.
  7. Thanks Broos. Here goes then: I'm in search of the Theory of Everything.
  8. The smell of coal on the way up the M1 around the Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire border. I remember it hitting me the first ever time I went North, and for years after I always waited for it with bated breath (well the M1 is boring!). I don't do that trip often nowadays, but I think the smell has largely gone (oh the politics of that...!).
  9. Ahhh.. is this Finnegan of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake?
  10. I'm thinking that Micah might turn out to have special powers. Hiro has been my favourite from the 1st ep - he's such a dynamic character. I really can't get to grips with Nikki at all, I find her really shallow whether she's playing Jekyll or Hyde.
  11. Thanks David, I didn't spot this thread. I'll have a trawl through it then.
  12. Thanks for that Amanda . I've just looked on there and your choices were not there but some others were so I've chosen The Sand Daughter by Sarah Bryant.
  13. Went to see The Simpsons Movie this afternoon. I fell asleep briefly (around the Ala(yawn)ska bit), but woke up to see Homer save Springfield. For me, Ned Flanders was the best character in it
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