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  1. "How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read", by Pierre Bayard.
  2. 1. VIDAL, Gore: Palimpsest: A memoir ***** 2. VIDAL, Gore: Point to Point Navigation: A memoir ***** 3. DURRELL, Gerald: My Family and Other Animals *** 4. BROCKMAN, John (Ed.): What We Believe But Cannot Prove (Today's leading thinkers on science in the age of certainty) ***1/2 5. MORRIS, Desmond: The Naked Ape*** 6. BISKIND, Peter: Gods And Monsters***1/2
  3. Gerald Durrell: My Family And Other Animals
  4. Gore Vidal: Point to Point Navigation: A memoir
  5. Gore Vidal's 1995 biography, Palimpsest. Not sure that he's published another one since then, but if he has, I'll want to read it, too. He's lived a fascinating life of privilege, and he writes beautifully and thoughtfully. h2b
  6. LOVELL, Mary S.: "The Mitford Girls - The Biography Of An Extraordinary Family"
  7. Hi Hungry Hippo-Megan, A fellow Perthite (I live 10 mins from Freo) on BGO, here! I'd recommend "The Great Gatsby" as your next read, followed by "Franny and Zooey". I've read the first and was haunted by it, but I haven't read the second. I would have liked to have read them both, sequentially, just for the sake of comparison. I liked "Gatsby" for its sense of regret, time, and missed opportunities. I think I read it ("Gatsby") the same year I read Alain-Fournier's "Le Grand Meaulnes". Both had the same over-arching theme. I like your music. Feel free to send me a PM (pr
  8. Thanks so much, Kenny_Shovel, for the link! I will be re-reading "M&M" with even more enjoyment than the first time, and I'll be consulting this website as I do so. Thanks again for your recommendation! You wrote: http://cr.middlebury.edu/public/russian/Bulgakov/public_html/ [is] an invaluable source of background information [to the great novel "The Master and Margarita"].
  9. "Notes From Underground" by Feodor Dostoevsky "Son of 'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night' - More of the best (?) from the Bulwer-Lytton Contest", compiled by Scott Rice "New York" by Lily Brett
  10. I read "The Rachel Papers" earlier this year. I'm in my 42nd year and so I also found it to be a bit dated, but no less interesting for that reason. I tried to imagine myself as an 18 year old back in the early 70s, the issues of their day, and, remembering what I've learned through things like television-documentaries about the social revolutions of the 60s and 70s. Such documents helped put into context what Amis's protagonist was going through, what he was up against, what other kids of his age were experimenting with and the liberation that they, as a generation, were going through at t
  11. Sorry, can somebody explain to me what the "000"s denote (after the stars) in Stewart's ratings-system? Interesting that he gave "Utz", by Bruce Chatwin only two stars, while I gave it 5 out of 5. It fascinated me so! Well, there's no accounting for tastes.
  12. "Why I Am Not A Christian" by Bertrand Russell
  13. 1 GREENE, Graham: Travels with my Aunt ****1/2 2 BARICCO, Alessandro: Silk ***** 3 KUNDERA, Milan: The Unbearable Lightness of Being ***** 4 KUNDERA, Milan: Identity ***1/2 5 MILLIGAN, Spike: The Bible According to Spike Milligan ***1/2 6 BARICCO, Alessandro: Ocean Sea ***** 7 BAIGENT, LEIGH & LINCOLN: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail **** 8 LANE, Terry: God: The Interview ***1/2 9 DEANE, Seamus: Reading in the Dark *** 10 MOBERG, Vilhelm: The Emigrants **** 11 GREENE, Graham: Our Man in Havana ***1/2 12 WILLIAMS, Kenneth: Acid Drops ***
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