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  1. 40. Hula by Lisa Shea ** 39. Blood Memory by Greg Iles **** 38. Face by Benjamin Zephaniah *** 37. Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz *** 36. The Swallows of Kabul by Yasmina Khadra ***** 35. Scar Culture by Toni Davidson ** 34. Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris 33. Real Women Don't Wear Size 2 by Kelley St. John *** 32. Mistress of The Dark by Sephera Giron ** 31. French Fried by Nancy Fairbanks ** 30. Snipped in The Bud by Kate Collins **** 29. Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam **** 28.The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Neffenegger * 27. Syrup by Maxx Barry
  2. I think I average about 4-5 per week, depending on how well the book holds my interest.
  3. This year I have finished two very odd books: The Pronographer's Poem by Michael Turner. I know, you are probably saying that the title alone should have given me warning, but I thought it was just catchy. Scar Culture by Toni Davidson. Afte reading the first two chapters you are very thankful for the third. Why? Because you begin to wonder if this is a book of short stories since the first two chapters seem to have nothing to do with each other at all. Then when you meet the psychologist.....oh boy.
  4. My list for last year was just way too big But I'm glad some of you found your missing pieces! Maybe I'll just start with this year's list instead
  5. I just started Whose Little Girl Are You by Bethany Campbell and keep carrying around Memoirs Of A Geisha but have yet to crack the spine on it.
  6. Someone wonderfully fulfilled one of my wishes on bookrelay.com and so I feel greatful to have this in my hands. (Well, technically, it's in the spare bedroom since I moved recently, but hope to stumble across it soon so I can read it!)
  7. The Killers.....but it's in the car so I have no idea the title. Mr Brightside just keeps popping into my head for some unknown reason.
  8. What a shame I have missed out! See what happens when you decide to visit no discussion sites for a month or so? Just as an FYI....I've just checked on good ole BookCrossing, and all journaled copies are in travelling status. Anyone finished withe thier version they would like to send to good ole Canada?
  9. I try to keep only one book, but my brain wanders quite a bit. It usually ends up being two to four. There's always a book in the loo, a book in my bag in case I forget my current reading and then whatever I am currently reading (maybe it's more than 2-4! LOL)
  10. Your internet connection is now so fast, that the pages won't load properly, as all internet providers think that everyone on the planet has mastered speed reading 101. I wish that the cat would stop licking the photographs he finds on the coffe table. (And, yes, he actually does this!)
  11. What a toss up! If anyone was to look at my Bookshelf on Bookcrossing you would notice that I crave British and American crime writers. Although, when I am out at the thrift shops I do try to find the Brit ones over the American. I think personally, that I like the language better. It's almost as if I can hear the different dialects coming from the Brit police. I like the terminology used, the names of the characters and how "small-town" they are often portrayed to be. When I want "down and dirty" I switch to American. But to throw a third option in the loop....I have recently discovered a C
  12. I was lucky enough to receive thaisone and Tuesday's With Morrie from BookCrossing.com and thoroughly enjoyed them both! I think I prefered this one, though, as it really got the brain juices flowing about who my five would be.
  13. I throughly enjoyed this book. Reading other people's views on this was very refreshing! I used to work with autistic children as did my mum which may explain why I could relate to Christopher. Annoying is definately one of the words I have heard used time and time again, and I think is accurate. But this did not make me dislike the book. Two thumbs up from me
  14. I read this for a bookring at the beginning of the year. Having not read James Patterson for some time, and hearing that he had written a few "romance" novels, I thought I had signed up for the wrong type of book. After reading the first few chapters (chapters are many and mostly three pages in length) I was convinced it would be a lovey-dovey read, but I persevered. And how wrong I was! Once I began I could hardly put it down. A very interesesting thriller.
  15. I read a quick review on this one not so long ago, which included a quick snippet from the inside. Definately sounds like it could be a great read. I'll have to wait for the softcover though, as I find hardcovers are too unwielding.
  16. If I count just myself, I would say almost 900. If I included MrJebbie74's selections, you would have to triple that number! He's a World War II enthusiast who used to build model tanks and planes. Most of his books are what he calls "reference" for these models. I guess in comparison, my books are just fluff! LOL
  17. I only have a few going at the moment: Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore Plain Girl by Arthur Miller The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler In The Presence of Mine Enemies - Harry Turtledove The Big Sleep is a little tough going, and I am hoping it's just my mood as I was looking forward to reading Chandler for the first time!
  18. I do believe that I have to live to be 200 before I could go through my TBR pile. The mountain is so tall I could naver scale to the top! And everyday, I add more to my wishlist. *sigh* What an addiction (but I wouldn't change it for the world!) Right now by TBR pile is dictated by books I have promised to others, but I do try to sneak in a few of my own choices from time to time. So, my most recent TBR pile is: Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland The Gensis Code by John Case The First Horseman by John Case Good Night, Irene by Jan Burke Secret Prey by John Sandford Prison Groupie
  19. I have a few ont his list, although I must admit I have never let them get to me to the point I become destructive! LOL The Correctioners drove me batty. To the point that I was almost all of the way done and then just gave up! Someone on BookCrossing was desperate to read it, so I mailed it off with a nice little disclaimer attached. Wild Animus was...umm...horrible! I always like to give it 50 pages, but this was so full of nonsense and pompous thinkings that I gave up after 4 pages. Muttering under my breath is not a good way to enjoy a book! And the one that may or may not get
  20. Been awhile since I found my way onto this wonderful site, and I am so impressed! Every time I wander in, it has become better and better! Anywhere that I can find books to add to my wishlist is a very very good thing! (Although MrJebbie74 may not agree as it is becoming exceptionally difficult to walk around the bags of books found around the living room!) Hello from Toronto Canada!
  21. I usually buy a bunch of books all at once. Mostly I purchase from second hand stores and thrift shops. I think the most I have spent at a used store for $100.00 Cdn and at a thrift store would be $50.00 Cdn. As for new, it's usually MrJebbie74 who helps me spend tons and it's probably closer to $200.00 Cdn.
  22. I actually wrote this yesterday thinking I was logged in and was mighty peeved to see I wasn't and had the whole thing disappear! LOL But all is not lost as I now have my trusty notebook which will hopefully allow me to choose a different bunch from yesterday. I, too, have a different list after I have read a book. Often I am horrible at remembering plots (including movie ones) and this could be the main reason why. Also, I hope no-one sends rotten tomatoes my way, as I like a few books that a lot of people hated. Here goes (in no particualr order): 1) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown I kno
  23. A year or two back I was introduced to a short series on tv (probably BBC) called Piece of Cake. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and have watched it many times. I was happy to have stumbled across the book it was based on by Derek Robinson. I usually don't read too many stories based on the World Wars, but once I picked this one up I could not put it down. The writing was so vivid and was touched with so much humour that I most happy curled up on my couch, giggling away to myself. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who appreciates a Brit sense of humour (but would also suggest having a
  24. For all of the unfavourable opinions that I have heard about this book, I actually enjoyed it. I will admit, there were a few places where I did think to myself, "C'mon, get on with it." But I found it to be so completely different than any other mystery/thriller I have ever read. Admittedly, it was also a little slow to get into (it didn't help either that I had heard from a few people that I should put it down if I was not hooked by the first few pages.) but I would recommend this to others. What I found to be most intrigueing was the descriptions of Rome, the art surrounding this grand city
  25. Sort of the same but not quite....I had a read a few true funny stories by man named Peter MacDonald who wrote abou the funny things you hear in Canada's courts (Return of the Court Jesters.) After finishing two of his books, I was telling my Mum how funny he was while flipping through a newspaper at the dining room table. I was shocked when I stumbled across an article on his untimely death that same weekend.....too creepy!
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