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  1. Many many thanks. My partner and I owe you a pint. You are a star. Definitely going to purchase it. Once again, Many many thanks... What a wealth of knowledge there is out there. Lisa
  2. Many thanks, Sorry for putting it in the wrong area. Didn't really know where to put it. Both my partner and I hope someone remembers this story. It's driving us mad. We have done a big google search but have come up a blank (not surprising due to our limited memory of this book). The only thing we are sure of is that it does exist, even if long out of print and now a rarity as we both re aware of it and my partner went to school in a completely different town to me. Would be great if we can find it and get a copy.
  3. Hi, Having introduced myself in a previous thread, thought I had better just re introduce myself as I am a newbie to this forum. I am lisa, 33 years old, Live in West Yorkshire UK and the mother of 3 and a half year old twin daughters. I enjoy fiction books from authors such as Kathy Reichs, Richard Patterson, Patricia Cornwell etc. My partner is an avid world war II history book fanatic, particularly if its about the role of the Lancaster Bomber in the war. Anyway.... I digress. The reason for this post ( and I hope its in the right section???) is we are desperately trying to find
  4. Hi, I am Lisa, I live in West Yorkshire UK. I am 33 and the mother of beautiful twin daughters aged 3 and a half. I love Books (shock horror!!!), Kathy Reichs, Richard Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz and far too many other authors to list. Looking forward to getting to know a few people here and indulging in what must a vast wealth of knowledge on the world of books. Many thanks for reading my introduction. Lisa
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