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  1. i don't know. i made a dvd order (an oddity./ it's usually books or cds) with amazon by clicking the link fgrom here although the order items was totally unrelated to the andrew kenny link provided it'll work
  2. i liked love in the time of cholera i found it quite a compelling read
  3. I really enjoyed Memories of my melancholy whores. very good it was.I c ould not fault it. I've been thinking about re-reading it soon there's just something special about anything garcia marquez writes and there was another thing that really impressed me in the translation. they didn't change Vuelta a Coloombia to Tour of Colombia. I really liked it cause i hate when people translate the names of cycling races i've read a few of his books so far (i think 7) but that's not one of the ones i've read my next one will be "Innocent Erendira and other stories"
  4. Test Result Total Questions: 24 Answered: 24 Unanswered: 0 Correct Answers: 20 Wrong Answers: 4 Time Taken: 3 Min & 1 Sec Score: 83 % Result: PASSED *starts packing bags*
  5. i will do. i bought it as i read a review in the irish times of it
  6. got today "les apertifs" by real tuesday weld some songs feature the author Glen Duncan
  7. i really like the corrs light ad with the snowmen and the great music int eh background the song really makes the add
  8. now don't get me wrong, i've nothing against the guy but i just won#t buy any cycling book with him on the cover or by him i've enough cycling magazines with him on the cover
  9. 2 weeks ago i bought "grapes of wrath" by john steinbeck yesterday, arrived from amazon "nada" by carmen laforet
  10. recently started "house of the spirits" by isabel allende i'm enjoying it so far
  11. usually i just put on any cd to listen to if i'm reading. makes little difference though the exception is when i'm starting a glen duncan book or finishing a glen duncan book, i'd usually put on some real tuesday weld as there was nothing like starting "i lucifer" by glen duncan to the sound of "i, lucifer" by the real tuesday weld
  12. i really enjoyed the book. i feel that pierre did a great job in the characther of vernon, a loveable brat it was a good book
  13. currently reading percival everitt - wounded michel houellebecq - atomised newton emrson - last of the portadown news (satirical northern irish politics)
  14. i'm considering buying it soon. i've read one of McEwen's (saturday) and i liked it. it's on my reading list, just not yet
  15. i have all my books piled in 4 rows on the desk in my bedroom i still live with my parents so my own space is something i lack
  16. hi all, i'm phil. i'm from irelande and i'm new i love books. my other interests is cycling and politics the last 5 books i've read were: percival everitt- erasure glen duncan - death of an ordinary man alan warner - the worms can carry me to heaven gabriel garcia marquez - autumn of the patriarch matt seaton - on your bike my favourite author would have to be gabriel garcia marquez
  17. i got a myspace friend request
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