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  1. Aminatta forna's latest happiness is the second on my list of to read next. The next when I finish my current read is novel of a short-sighted adolscent by mircea eliade
  2. Oh I forgot though I wouldn't say eagerly anticipated but I am on two book subscriptions from publishers, & other books (2 books) and Peirene Press (3 books) Though it is nice to get their packets in the mail.
  3. On eagerly awaited stuff, I see Amazon has a preordered up for tea obreht's second novel inland The publication date - 11th June 2020
  4. Did anyone watch this series, adaptation of the Gilliam Flynn novel. I hadn't read the novel beforehand (or any thing by Gilliam Flynn) but I found it to be a very enthralling series. Amy Adams, Patricia clarkson, Chris Messina all did great jobs.
  5. Often if I see a book I'd like I put a reminder in the phone for the next time I am due to be Dublin to see if in stock. Although 2 out of the 4 on my list 2 weeks ago were unfortunately not in stock in the shop I go to. Of the 2 I got, I had added one to the list on a BGO review from last march or April but wasn't out here until July or august. I do the same with music acts releasing albums I might have a problem ;), I have 5 music albums on the calendar. I also have, at least, 3 albums (it'll be fun finding out who or when :d) preordered from labels or artist websites. I am pretty sure things will come in the post to my surprise. I do currently have one book preordered on Amazon, freshwater by awkwakae emezi which isn't due out here until november. I am looking forward to the next novel from Roy Jacobsen, due in march 2019 and the follow up to the brilliant the inseen
  6. Review of Belladonna by Dasa Drndic, translated by Celia Hawkesworth The novel's protagonist Andreas Ban is recently retired from the univeristy where he lectured in psychology. Ban is unwell and living on the meagre Croatian state pension (and waiting for another stipend on it as art of his service working in Yugoslavia when it existed but Ban is not holding out for it). While dealing with his own decline, Ban was also a witness to the grotesqueness that entrapped Europe in the 20th century with World War II, not just the Nazi war crimes but their Croatian puppets of Ustasche' Independent State of Croatia (This hadn't been entirely new information for me as Ustashe had been featured in the book Yugoslavia, My Fatherland by Goran Vojnovic). This book is as much about remembering the past of Europe and Croatia in particular as a man remembering his own life. The book when reading it did make me feel angry, particularly the amnista (as was termed by Giles Tremlett in the book Ghosts of Spain where he looked at the recent history of Spain under Franco and how there is a consious amnesia towards their crimes). Similarly with this book, Ban is haunted by the ghosts of WWII, twice listing those murdered by the nazis and their accomplices. A compelling catalogue of the inhumanity of humanity. Ban's writing to me conveys an urgency and a need for Europe not to repeat the same misstakes we made in the 1930s and 1940s. This urgency might be brought on by Ban's own health problems. Hawkesworth superbly translates Drndic, both the anger, sadness but sprinkled with bitterly humorous observations here and there. Through the photos and text and lists of people, Drndic and Hawkesworth bring the horrors of the 20th century as a grave reminder to people to not forget and not to let the same happen again. A read that I really felt was excellent and will be one of my books of 2018, though not one for the faint hearted. * * * * * on a side note: the flap of the book states that Ban is a "castaway intellectual of a society which subdues every critical thought under the guise of political correctness", I expected some different type of text in the book, usually when a statement similar to that is made, it usually takes aim at liberalism but this didn't.
  7. last weekend i got to see blackkklansman in the cinema. I thought it was a really good movie and I liked it a lot.
  8. iff

    Have a Rant!

    Unfortunately my recent dental visits have been out of necessity because of this. The garda officer on the case of whose loose calf it was could not identify the owner of it, unfortunately though I wasn't surprised that it was fruitless.
  9. As well as reading, listening to music, cycling. One hobby I don't really talk about is puzzle books. I really enjoy Puzzler collection books. I really like the logic problems and the other one I really like is round tower. i also like killer sudoku and kakuro. i just start at page 1 and go straight through the book, only skipping the word searches
  10. I tend to avoid court coverage in newspapers. They tend to make me feel very sad.
  11. iff

    Rest in Peace

    I had alot of respect for him.
  12. I've read some WWII family sagas that I have really liked too: - all for nothing by Walter kempowski - her father's daughter - Marie sizun - suite francaise - Irene nemirovsky (the second section) - the mussolini canal - Antonio penacchi Those are the ones that come to mind for me.
  13. Looked for this yesterday in Dublin but unfortunately not in stock. Though my purchased were French exit - Patrick Dewitt Pretend I'm dead - jen begin Convenience store woman - sayaka murata
  14. I read the dead though it was roughly 11 years ago so wouldn't mind rereading
  15. That's disappointing to hear, I've heard a lot about it
  16. I really liked it, I did a review here He's a very good author.
  17. iff


    also my photos from saturday night
  18. iff


    my photos from friday unfortunately did not have time to go on the ferris wheel
  19. I read the alchemist I really hated it and would not read coelho again
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