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  1. On 12/08/2021 at 09:54, Madeleine said:

    I watched the film version of "The Dry" last night (it's based on Jane Harper's book), it was quite good, a bit slow to start but stuck pretty closely to the book.  A bit depressing though!  I think the book was better paced and had more character development.

    I hadn't read the book but watched the film last week and I did like it

  2. The last two books I bought were


    Word perfect - susie dent (a word for everyday on etymology. I find etymology interesting. I did read Mark forsythe's etymological and horolgicon. Hardest thing on this is remembering what is the date so to read that date's word ;)


    Ghost in the throat - doireann ni ghriofa


  3. I am finding it an interesting show


    On the most recent one, David baddie made a good point about how in chapter 41 in Emma, it changes perspective and how this hasn't been done in books before it. That is something I mean to bring up with my brother, who is a big Jane austen reader. 

  4. A work colleague has her Christmas shopping done too. 


    In fairness, she pointed out that we don't know what the position will be with shops this year. She has 4 children from ages 2 to 8 so needs to be prepared if our area goes into lockdown. 


    She said

    "the children would not be happy if santa couldn't come because of the pandemic" 

  5. Florin schneider, original kraftwerk member at 73 years old


    Actor Fred willard at age 86

    Great comic actor, he had such a gentlemanly of delivering a funny line. He had a real style to him


    Director Lynn Shelton at 53

    I really loved her movies. I rewatch Ed her film say When this evening in memory. So funny, such an enjoyable quirky romCom

  6. On 05/05/2020 at 00:26, Clavain said:

    Really enjoying Normal People on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p089g8rs . Was very worried that it wouldn't do justice to the wonderful book by Sally Rooney but it is the best TV I've watched this year so far.

    In lock down watching far more TV than I usually do - Wolf Hall , Killing Eve and Taboo all running on the the I player. Also recommend Devs, The Boys , Lucifer, Good Omens Mr Robot and American Gods ( many of which are excellent books/comics)


    I am really liking Devs. Good Omens was very good

    Waiting for season 4 of me robot but tg4 are repeating season 3 currently. 


    Totally different, but i enjoy zooey's extraordinary playlist :)

    Fox UK are starting the last season of brockmire next Monday. Best thing hank azaria has done in 20 years ;)


  7. On 18/03/2020 at 20:36, lunababymoonchild said:

    I really think that we should start doing this

    courtesy of Reading Addicts

    Love this. 


    We are still working away but it is a little bit disconcerting. Our front door is locked. 


    Hope everyone is OK. 

  8. overall i read 51 books in 2019 thugh 29 were in the first 6 months and 22 were in the second. Mostly shorter novels. average page length was 249 pages. the longest by my reckoning was my year of meats by ruth ozeki, which was 430 pages which isn't long.


    Favourite book  - convenience store woman by sayaka murata


    favourite film - in the cinema, i saw four stand outs Booksmart, Thunder Road, Marriage story and last black Man in San Francisco. Each of the 4 brought something different. Booksmart was very funny, last Black man was very thoughtful introspective and marraige story and thunder road both funny but more dramas


    tV - Channel 4 did a great job with their sitcom series Home. Funny but thoughtful. My drama highlight has to be POSE. Also got into the Good place


    Music Event - Bjork cornucopia tour, second was Lana Del Rey live in June


    Music album -  love + fear by marina, winter sun by elva, boat by pip blom, and Jade bird's album.

  9. 2020 list



    1. The Outlaw Album - daniel woodrell  currently rereading

    2. Normal People - Sally Rooney currently reading

    3. Adele - leila Slimani



    other lists




    1. the miseducation of Cameron Post ★★★★★
    2. Shaun The Sheep Movie ★★★★
    3. Outside In ★★★★★

    4. Instant family

    5. Boyhood (rewatch) 

    6. The florida project

    7. Us

    8. Finding dory (rewatch) 

    9. Finding Nemo

    10. The Lego Batman Movie

    11. The best of enemies

    12. Inside lleweyn davis (rewatch) 

    13. Foxcatcher

    14. The personal history of David copperfield

    15. Eighth grade

    16. The favourite


    TV series


    1. Earth's tropical Islands - BBC2
    2. Euphoria - Sky Atlantic
    3. 8 days (8 tage) - sky atlantic

    4. The End of the f***ING World season 1 - Channel 4

    5. Better Things season 3 - BBC2

    6. Deep water falls - Channel 4

    7. Good Omens  - Bbc2

    8. The good place - netflix

    9. The End of the f***ing world, season 2 - Channel 4

    10. Ladhood - Bbc1

    11. No activity, season 1, Rte2

    12. The Mick, season 2, Comedy Central

    13. The Simpsons, season 31, sky one

    14. Modern family, season 11, sky one

    15. Only connect, bbc2

    16. Avenue 5, sky one

    17. Ap bio, sky comedy

    18. Miracle workers, sky comedy

    19. Curb your enthusiasm, sky comedy

    20. Baghdad Central, Channel 4

    21. Brain games, Nat geo

    22. The outsider, sky atlantic

    23. Inside no 9, season 5, bbc 2

    24. Last week tonight with John Oliver, season 7

    25. The righteous gemstones, season 1, sky comedy

    26. Home, Channel 4

    27. Homeland, rte2, season 8

    28. Soft Border patrol, bbc1, season 3




    1st Feb - isobel campbell

  10. Christmas


    Accomdations - wioletta greg

    Disoriental - negar djavadi

    Where reasons end - yiyun li

    Picnic in the storm - yukiko motoya

    The eighth life (for brilka) - nino haratischvili

    The taiga syndrome - Cristina Rivera garza

    The at last of unusual borders

    Boulevard wren and other stories - blind boy boatclub


    My mother also got me a vacuum cleaner. She suggested I open it there and then, and play with it on Christmas day ;)


    I also got in the post Snow, Dog, Foot by claudio morandini

  11. Nobber by oisin fagan

    Nobber is a lawless unruly place. Not much has changed in the 670 years between when this is set and nowadays ;)


    In this novel, the plague has struck Ireland and noblemen are buying up land all over Ireland at a fraction of what it was worth a few years before. Meanwhile a marauding band of gaels are also causing havoc throughiut the lands. 


    Both groups reach the near deserted Co. Meath Town of nobber where the plague has enforced a curfew, only 3 or 4 inhabitants see the sunlight hours including the very strange nudist blacksmith. 


    Overall it did take me a little bit to get into this novel but oisin fagan has done a very good job in crafting the novel and I thought this was a very good novel. 


    * * * *


    An aside on lawlessness in modern nobber


    Actually I've never been to nobber (other than passing though) in my recollection. However I had dealings with their law enforcement. He could not bring the cow that caused my cycling crash to justice. But honestly for a sole garda, the sign of the area is unworkable. This was 10k from nobber that the accident occurred.


  12. The Paper wasp by Lauren acampora


    I read this sometime, maybe September but this was a novel I got engrossed in at the time. The novel is told from the point of view of abby, an intelligent but unambitious woman. She had dropped out of college, living with her parents, and working in a shop. At school reunion, she meets her best friend from school, Elise, now a famous actress in La. Elise had half heartedly said that if abby got yo La, they could hang out. Abby then uses her parents credit card to book a flight to La, turning up on Elise doorstep (don't make empty promises) 


    The novel reads as Abby is directing it to Elise, with use of "You" a lot. 


    Overall this was an engrossing read, I was reading at lunchtime, bringing it to my home to read and just I wanted to find out how the tale unfolds. 


    * * * * *

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